10 rock bands that got banned for stupid reasons

Rock music has never been the easiest genre to digest for the general public. Hell, by the 1950s there were a lot of tense adults who questioned the effect that this type of music really has on your sanity. Crude assumptions aside, there are a few times when these preconceived notions of rock music get a little too ridiculous.

Across all subgenres of rock music, there have been people more than willing to put an end to those long haired lowlifes with guitars. While you can see why they might have concerns, the idea of ​​banning these artists for nothing more than delivering their art starts to get a bit moot after a while. Then again, these people forget the one big thing about rock and roll. The more parents hate, the more their kids will want to check out.

No matter how hard they tried, each of these artists found their way to the other side without having to compromise any of their artistic visions. They may have pushed the boundaries of what was good back then, but when you look back, the naysayers start to look more and more out of touch over the years.

At the start of the psychedelic rock scene, The Doors had a slightly different journey. Far from their peace and love counterparts in San Francisco, Jim Morrison’s poetry spoke of something much more powerful, as he spoke of the elements, death, and love as if they were exactly the same. thing. While Light My Fire might have lit up the charts, it all stopped once they got to the Ed Sullivan Show.

Being the first place the Beatles performed on American soil, Sullivan’s show was known to be mostly tame and family-friendly. On the other hand, Door’s show and the use of the phrase “girl we couldn’t get much higher” did not appeal to the producers, who asked them to edit the line ahead of time. a spectacle. While many actors had heard this sort of thing before, Morrison had other plans.

Dressed in his iconic leather jacket and pants, Morrison changed just one word of the original, much to the horror of the rest of the producers. Keep in mind this was a time when alluding to smoking weed was treated like someone saying “F * ck” on a family show. After being told they would never perform on the show again, Morrison’s smug “Well, we only wanted to do it once anyway” etched the Doors amid rock notoriety. and roll.

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