12 hard rock bands who quit in their prime

Breakups are never an easy thing to do. Whenever bands decide to quit, it’s normally at a time when the gas runs out and they don’t feel like they have new music to bring to their fans. On the flip side, lots of bands got into it when the world was ready for A LOT MORE.

For one reason or another, these bands stopped releasing music at a time when they could have blown us away. Sometimes the reasons are legitimate given the loss of band members along the way, but on other occasions the bands just thought it was better to put their future plans on hold rather than gift us another album. unbelievable. While we have to respect the wishes of these artists, it nonetheless becomes infuriating when they choose to break up just when it was getting good.

Many of those acts were even on the verge of something unprecedented when they severed ties, which seems quite mind-boggling in hindsight. Even though some of these bands got back together, one can only wonder how they were able to capitalize on that initial sonic momentum.

The Sex Pistols were a shock to the music system in the mid-1970s. As the Ramones made waves with punk rock in America, this group of misfits carried the culture of powerful chords and sarcastic demeanor into them. streets of London. While the band had a hell of a start, it all came to a halt far too quickly.

After the band started touring, they ended up firing bassist Glen Matlock, whose writing was all over the place on songs like “Pretty Vacant”. Already at a disadvantage, the band hired Sid Vicious, who both captured the typical punk stereotype of his lanky character to his inability to play bass consistently. This led to the tour being a disaster, with many of the band members plagued by drug problems.

By the time they finally ended the American part of the tour, everyone was so fed up that the band disbanded, with Johnny Rotten forming PiL and Vicious sinking deeper into addiction until they were exhausted. possible. The Sex Pistols may not have been the most prolific band in hard rock, but what they gave us helped shape the face of rock music to come.

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