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10 best British classic rock bands of all time

The sounds of classic rock have always had more international connections than you might imagine. While many people immediately focus on America when it comes to the rock genre, the larger forms of rock and roll have always resembled a dialogue between the United States and the United Kingdom. Rock …

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Classic rock bands selling masks for charity

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to plague people around the world, many musicians are stepping up their efforts by selling masks of rock bands. “During these weird days, stay safe and donate to charity by pre-ordering a 3-pack of The Doors face masks,” the classic rockers said via Twitter, noting …

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8 gothic rock bands that made a big impact in the 80s

Recently we published the article “10 Bands That Helped Shape The Gothic Rock Movement” which you can read here. Now, we’re going to start digging a little deeper and take a look at other bands that started, continued, and helped evolve goth rock in the 1980s. The Lords of the …

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