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10 Dumbest Decisions Rock Bands Ever Made

The world of rock and roll has never been known for its intellectual side so often. While you have more cerebral material from artists like Radiohead and The Beatles, 99% of what actually gets on the radio tends to respond to something that’s fairly easy to understand. Then again, even …

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New rock groups | Rock groups that bring the genre to life

[Photos via: POORSTACY/YouTube, Young Culture/YouTube, Coach Party/Spotify, Like Machines/Spotify] It seems that every few years there is a debate, often caused by TO KISS singer Gene Simmons, whether or not rock the music is dead. Simmons in particular singled out many factors that he said “killed” rock music, such as …

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Murcia ready to recharge with American punk rock

CREDIT: Facebook Murcia ready to be recharged with American punk rock. OVER five hours of nostalgic American punk rock hits are set to hit Murcia’s Beat Club Garage on Friday, June 11, as incredible tribute groups perform some of the ultimate classics. Tribute bands Nirvana, Green Day, Pearl Jam, The …

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