8 new independent rock groups for 2021

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Keep an eye out for these new artists who will be refreshing the indie rock scene in 2021.

Right now, it feels like guitar bands are emerging onto the main music scene from a long hibernation since the indie glory days of the mid-2000s. Here are eight indie rock bands ready for big. things in 2021.


Squid makes confident and intriguing art-rock with sultry basslines reminiscent of Talking Heads. The band have spent the last year working on their debut album, which may well surface in 2021 and should take them in a different direction.

Billy nomates

After releasing his self-titled debut album last year, Billy Nomates bursts into 2021 with new EP Emergency telephone release scheduled for March. Sleaford Mods and Iggy Pop are big fans of the artists’ social commentary. The new version ‘Heels’ is a decidedly furious electronic punk track with catchy harmonies.


The Los Angeles-based singer writes great, serious songs that blend in perfectly with the best of indie rock from the 2000s. Last year’s EP how am I going to rest in peace if I am buried by a highway? invites comparisons with Foals and Bloc Party. He recently immersed himself in pop punk with a collaboration with Travis Barker. 2021 will surely hold great things in store.

Blanket man

Manchester band Blanketman have racked up spots on Spotify with their bright and catchy indie rock at Joy Division and is aimed at mass audiences. Their first EP National trust comes out in March.

Chappaqua wrestling

The London-based band dabbles in Americana, grunge and shoegaze. “The Rift” mixes fiery guitars with Oasis style vocals. Keep an eye out for other records in the pipeline.


Since their formation in 2019, these Glasgow teens have released heavy riff rock anthems with choruses to sing along to. Still a young group, they are super talented and prepared for great things.

TV priest

Grumpy, politically sharp post-punk that feels fresh. TV Priest just signed with Sub Pop and their debut album Above released in early May.

Oscar Lang

Britpop lives in Oscar Lang. His latest EP Antidote to boredom mixes psychedelic grizzly rock with sunny pop melodies. After spending 2020 releasing tracks that travel across genres and sounds, this year will hopefully see Lang hit the stage.

Whether they’re discovering new bands coming out with their first records or eagerly watching their favorite emerging artists move in new directions, indie rock fans have a lot to look forward to in 2021. And if you’re in a band freelance yourself, let RouteNote know and we’ll get to work distributing your leads.

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