Abusements rewards punk rock favor with new cover of V-8 Death Car’s “Rocknroll Rocknroll”

A year ago, the unheard of happened. Local Montgomery punk rock band V-8 Death Car covered “Abusemenaut”, a song from Abusements, another Montgomery punk rock band.

Abuse frontman MC $ upa $ preader said it was a bit humiliating.

“As a songwriter it’s always an honor when someone breathes new life into your song,” he said.

Now the Abuses are returning the favor with an all new cover of the 2017 V-8 song “Rocknroll Rocknroll” from the Passionate Crimes album. It comes out Friday on Spotify.

“I think they did a great job. It was great,” said V-8 leader Trey Martin. “They took one of our high energy songs and they kind of slowed it down and made it a groovy song. It really matched the sound of Abuse.”

Abuses covered "Rocknroll Rocknroll" of his fellow punk rockers from Montgomery V-8 Death Car.

MC $ upa $ preader said he worked on several different V-8 songs over a period of a year while trying to decide which one to cover.

“I felt like I could really wrap myself up in the song ‘Rocknroll Rocknroll’,” he said. “It was a song I felt I understood, and maybe had my own take on it.”

MC $ upa $ preader also described it as being written by people in their twenties about never getting out of rock and roll.

“It’s a rewarding emotion,” said MC $ upa $ preader. “But I have to tell you, wait until you’re over fifty, then come talk to me about never getting out of rock ‘n’ roll.”

Two more singles of Abuse have already been released online, and a limited edition CD will be available soon.

“It’s also my belief that when you add a new key member to a group, it’s good to quickly release a product that contains them,” said MC $ upa $ preader.

He refers to Abuse’s new guitarist, Unlockable Character, whose addition brought the band into a 5-man lineup. The other members are Chris Eckels, Dominique Bradley and Wil Evans.

One of the two new originals of Abuse is called “Rat”, named after the year of the rat 2020 in the Chinese zodiac. MC $ upa $ preader describes the song as a shredder.

“’Rat’ is a song we literally created with the second Unlockable Character audition for us,” said MC $ upa $ preader. “He came with a riff. I had lyrics. We put them together. Bang, we’ve got a song.”

The other new song “Haircut” also had a UC guitar riff.

“Everyone has thought of their own pieces,” said MC $ upa $ preader. “I just found a few words. It’s a song about driving Texas haircuts.”

The new music brings a harsher rock and metal sound, thanks to the influence of UC. What is amazing is that as talented as he is, Unlockable Character had never been on a recording before.

“This is a development that is going to be very obvious to anyone who has heard us before,” said MC $ upa $ preader. “The band has never sounded better or bigger, or more serious. I’m super proud of how they have evolved.”

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