After 2 years, the bells are ringing for the wedding industry

Hyderabad: After a lull of about two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and with no restrictions this wedding season, “big big Indian weddings” are back on the cards. Reception halls, banquet halls and open grounds across the city are experiencing busy schedules as people have now started hosting large-scale weddings. The families of the bride and groom are eager to hold the big day celebrations after a two-year hiatus.

Reception and banquet halls in places like Bandlaguda, Mehdipatnam, Tolichowki, Ring Road, Shamshabad and several other parts of the city have been fully booked for weddings over the next two months. Some areas of the city also witnessed Night Baarat with many joy dances, which were then followed by a wedding reception.

The city is home to around 800 function rooms which are now decorated with festive lights and flowers. According to reports, more than 9,000 weddings take place across the city during the wedding season which usually starts after Ramzan and lasts before the onset of the monsoon. Every day, more than 400 to 500 weddings take place in the city.

“After two years, people are back with the large-scale celebrations of their big day,” said Aleem Khan Falaki of Socio Reforms.

Mohammed Masiuddin, the father of a bride in Red Hills, said that in 2021 his son’s wedding was set, and he decided not to postpone and hold his wedding in a low party a simple Nikah at his residence by cutting the guest list due to restrictions. “This year, without any restrictions, I am organizing my last daughter’s wedding on a large scale with more than 1,000 guests and I have reserved a hall on the Attapur ring road. The wedding will take place on May 20,” said he added.

“As there were restrictions for the past two years and no extravagance was observed in weddings, now, without any restrictions, the full baaja-baaraat group is here and a huge gathering also made the festivities fully decorated cars and baggis, lights and Baarati dancing were seen at various weddings across the city,” said Diya Katri, who was seen attending her friend’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Baba Khan, owner of the reception hall in the old town, said: “Usually our business depends only on the wedding season and the last two years of the pandemic have hit us hard. Now, without cases of Covid and without restrictions, we look forward to our revival.”

Zafer Ali, manager of Rose Garden, said banquet and reception halls, which have suffered the most during the pandemic, have rebounded. “We will host at least 20-30 weddings as things are back to normal now. Weddings are one of the biggest sources of income for us and we have suffered a lot during the pandemic. Business is picking up now.”

“Besides reception halls, workers, waiters, tent houses and catering companies are back in business this wedding season,” said tent house owner Kareem.

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