American Airlines cancels hundreds of domestic flights

American Airlines is the latest airline to announce major cancellations as the summer travel chaos looks set to drag into the fall. USA today reports that American Airlines will make significant flight reductions to its Philadelphia hub.

The airline will cut around 3% of its scheduled flights in September and around 5% in October. This will mean an average of seven flights cut each day in September and an average of 13 flights per day cut in October.

“American has taken steps to scale our airline to the resources available to us and to create additional buffers in the rest of our summer schedule. Last month American took proactive steps to add resilience to our schedule by reducing overall September system capacity by approximately 2%,” a statement from American Airlines explained. “These adjustments were made in multiple frequency markets, with the aim of moving customers to different flights.”

According to Philadelphia Business Journalmore than 1,800 domestic flights to and from Philadelphia International Airport were canceled by American Airlines between September and October.

“The schedule changes made by American across its network of hubs, including PHL, are indicative of the current travel atmosphere for all airlines and the need to balance passenger demand with capacity and staff,” said Philadelphia International Airport assistant director of strategic partnerships Kate Sullivan. business diary.

American Airlines will contact customers who have made reservations on canceled flights to rebook or for refund information.

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