American band “ZZ Top” bassist Dusty Hill has died at 72

ZZ bassist naming Dusty Hill who died aged 72, the death was announced by Frank Beard and Billy Gibbson who are the band members on their official Facebook page, He died in his sleep he went because of a hip injury recently and this is the reason that prompted him to withdraw from the band’s summer tour, but the reality has yet to be revealed.

Cause of death of Dusty Hill

He has been with ZZ for over four decades now, he started the band with Billy Gibbons in 1969, he was said to have bass, keyboard and was also the backing lead vocalist for the band. It was stated that he has a net worth of $ 60 million which has been reported on celebrity net worth.

Dusty Hill Net Worth 2021

He was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. he not only reinvented the rock style that was invented by the blues, he has also been a part of many movies and televisions, cult features and evergreen that he’s been a part of Back to the Future III, Mother Goose Rock and Rhyme, WWE Raw and Deadwood and that he even came to the King of Hill as himself in Season 11.

Dusty Hill Personal life and marriage

He was born and raised in Dallas, he was also educated with Woodrow Wilson and he played cello in the school orchestra. He was interested in music from an early age and started his young career playing with Frank Beard and with the brother and he was a member of ZZ Top, he was married to Charleen McCory, they were married in 2002 before dating for over a decade.


Frank and Billy seem to have paid a heartfelt tribute to the legend by making a joint statement and with the whole world in sorrow, those who followed rock are in despair as one of the most successful and amazing artists of his time. . is dead.

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