American punk band mistaken for ISP receives complaints from distraught Pinoys


An American punk group called Converge took to Facebook over the weekend to dodge complaints from Filipinos who mistakenly believed they were the ISP.

Thin. Do your research first, Pinoys.

In a post on their official account, the band said they were still a “hardcore band”.

“Covid has not yet forced us to become an internet provider in the Philippines, but we hope everyone there will get their internet access back,” the group said.

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“While you’re here, click on the link to our online store and grab a cool t-shirt or something,” he cheekily added to his post, which was shared by nearly 8,000. times.

The post included a screenshot of some of the comments they received, many of which were written in Filipino. One person wrote, “Hey, assholes, what happened? [to my internet]? “

Converge’s statement prompted one Michael John Torcuator to say, “I apologize for the mistaken identity. These people are so excited because of the bad service they received from the ISP of the same name.

Image from Converge / FB

Image from Converge / FB

Oh. Well, at least the band gets free publicity, right?

This article, by an American punk band mistaken for ISP, receives complaints from distraught Pinoys, which originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.


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