BMG launches “Punk Rock Girl”, its first musical in the United States

BMG is accelerating its development of new musicals in the United States, with its first production “Punk Rock Girl!”, and in Germany, following the success of its first musical, “Ku’damm 56”.

“Punk-rock girl!” is BMG’s first developmental theatrical production in the United States, in partnership with New York-based theater company Lively McCabe Entertainment. It features twenty songs written and made famous by female artists and girl groups from the BMG catalog, including Blondie, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Pat Benatar and Sleater-Kinney, as well as the title track, “Punk” by Dead Milkmen of 1988. Rocker”; the full track list appears below. Plans are for the musical to be released to high schools, regional community and professional theaters, with a film adaptation in the works.

Concord Theatricals will serve as the exclusive distributor and sales agent for the production, as well as manage all sales/marketing and licensing efforts across the United States.

According to the announcement, the musical follows 16-year-old Angela Quivers, a perfectionist who doesn’t take risks and feels like she doesn’t belong until she meets another teenage girl, Proxi. , which introduced him to the world of grungy guitars. , shocking secrets and strong, loud and messy emotions. A musical about a young person finding community and creating their tribe. “Punk-rock girl!” is a raucous celebration of all that is raw and tattered, trashy and heartfelt, familiar and foreign.

It recently had its first run of performances at the Argyle Theater in Babylon Village, Long Island. The local theater produced the show, with book and arrangements by Tony-nominated composer Joe Iconis (“Be More Chill”), directed and choreographed by Jennifer Werner (“Book of Mormon”), with co-arrangements and orchestrations by Rob Rokicki (“The Lightning Thief”).

Three other upcoming musicals from BMG and Lively McCabe include “May We All,” a country music-themed production in partnership with duo Florida Georgia Line that will open in Nashville in June, as well as a musical about the new wave themed and one holiday themed. musical, with several other BMG productions in the early stages of development.

Meanwhile, BMG in Germany saw its musical production of “Ku’damm 56” extended after over 100 performances, selling over 120,000 tickets. The musical, written by BMG signature songwriters Peter Plate and Ulf Leo Sommer with Grimme Prize-winning story writer Annette Hess, is a musical adaptation of the German TV drama series. The show started at the 1,700-seat Théâtre des Westens in November 2021.

BMG EVP Dominique Casimir said: “Ku’damm 56 marked a steep learning curve for us, but the results speak for themselves and show our commitment to working with our artist and songwriter clients in all areas. of their career.

BMG Director of Theater Elyse Cogan said, “Using BMG’s iconic catalog to develop content in the theater space is a new and creative way to help secure the legacy of artists and writers- BMG composers. The live stage has the potential to reach more diverse and multi-generational audiences. BMG looks forward to developing new partnerships and relationships in the theater world. »

Punk rock girl! tracklist: Avril Lavigne – ‘Complicated,’ ‘I’m With You’, ‘Sk8er Boi’; Blondie – ‘Call Me’, ‘Rip Her To Shreds’, ‘One Way Or Another’; Sleater Kinney – ‘Lyrics and Guitar’, ‘Surface Envy’, ‘I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone’; Dead Milkmen – ‘Punk Rock Girl’; Katy Perry- ‘ET’; Pat Benatar – ‘All Fired Up’; Pink – ‘Try’; Yeah yeah yeah – ‘Area 52’.

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