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This image combination shows logos for Apple, Meta, Google and Amazon. The House, September 29, 2022. (AP Photo)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House on Thursday approved antitrust legislation targeting the dominance of Big Tech companies by giving states greater power in competition cases and increasing funds for federal regulators.

The bipartisan measure passed by 242 votes to 184. It was separated from more ambitious provisions aimed at curbing Meta, Google, Amazon and Apple and approved by key House and Senate committees. These proposals languished for months, giving companies time to launch vigorous lobbying campaigns against them.

The more limited bill would give states an advantage over corporations in choosing the location of courts that hear federal antitrust cases. Proponents say the change would avoid the “home court advantage” enjoyed by Big Tech companies in federal court in northern California, where many cases are tried and where many companies are based.

Numerous state attorneys general have filed antitrust lawsuits against the industry, and many states have joined the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission in their landmark lawsuits against Google and Meta (then called Facebook), respectively. end of 2020.

The bill would also increase filing fees paid by companies to federal agencies for all proposed mergers worth $500 million or more, while reducing fees for small and medium transactions. The goal is to increase revenue for federal law enforcement efforts.

Under the bill, companies seeking merger approval would have to disclose subsidies they received from countries deemed to pose strategic or economic risks to the United States, particularly China.

“We are in a moment of monopoly as a country,” Rep. Lori Trahan, D-Mass., said before the vote. “Multibillion-dollar corporations have grown into giants, eliminating all real competition in their industries and using their dominance to harm small businesses and consumers. Meta’s monopoly power has allowed it to harm women, children, and women. people of all ages without recourse. Amazon has used its dominance to copy competitors’ products and direct small businesses to the ground.”

The Biden administration, which has pushed for antitrust legislation targeting Big Tech, approved the bill this week.

The legislation has drawn fierce opposition from conservative Republicans who have split from their GOP colleagues supporting the bill. Conservatives have opposed the proposed increase in revenue for antitrust regulators, arguing that the FTC has been excessively brazen under President Joe Biden.

Rep. Tom McClintock, R-California, described FTC leader Lina Khan as “a radical leftist seeking to replace consumer decisions with her own.”

Another California Republican, Rep. Darrell Issa, told his colleagues, “If you want to stifle innovation, vote for it.

If Republicans win control of the House or Senate in the November election, they will certainly try to crimp the activism of the FTC and challenge its broader interpretation of its legal authority.

The more sweeping antitrust proposals would prevent powerful tech companies from favoring their own products and services over competitors on their platforms and could even lead to mandatory severances separating the companies’ dominant platforms from their other businesses. They could, for example, prevent Amazon from steering consumers towards its own brands and away from competitors’ products on its giant e-commerce platform.

The drafting of this legislation marked a new turning point in congressional efforts to curb tech giant dominance and anti-competitive practices that critics say have hurt consumers, small businesses and innovation. But the proposal is complex and has drawn objections to some provisions from lawmakers on both sides, even as all condemn the conduct of the tech giants.

Lawmakers have faced a tricky task as they try to tighten the reins around a powerful industry whose mostly free or nearly free services are popular with consumers and integrated into everyday life.

So, as the time for action runs out with the November election looming in about six weeks, lawmakers have extracted the least controversial provisions on antitrust courts and merger filing fees, inserting them into the new bill that has been passed.

Lawmakers added the provision targeting foreign subsidies to U.S. companies. Republicans in particular have been highly critical of Chinese ownership of popular video platform TikTok.

In the Senate, Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar is sponsoring similar legislation with Republicans Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Mike Lee of Utah.

“Effective antitrust enforcement is essential to ensure consumers and small businesses have the opportunity to compete,” Klobuchar said in a statement Thursday. “The Enforcers can’t take on the biggest corporations the world has ever seen with duct tape and band-aids.”

]]> Taoglas’ New Multiband GNSS Front Ends Simplify and Accelerate Product Development for High-Precision Applications Wed, 28 Sep 2022 13:00:00 +0000

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Taoglas®, a leading provider of advanced components for a smarter world, launches the first in a new series of high-accuracy multi-band GNSS front ends for autonomous vehicles, precision agriculture, automotive, air vehicles unmanned (UAV) and robotics at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022).

The new TFM.110A is fully integrated with two cascaded Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) and pre-filters in a small, low profile, shielded surface mount package. When used between the GNSS receiver and the device antenna, the two-stage amplification solution saves designers months or even years of engineering hours by eliminating the need for circuitry of complex and difficult embedded filters and amplifiers. Designed for performance, ruggedness and ease of use, the new TFM series enables transparent signal transmission, signal purity and position accuracy, as well as safety and collision avoidance in IoT and high precision.

Investments in geolocation, telematics and positioning services have made GNSS receivers commercially available, providing more options for integrating satellite connectivity into product design. However, customization is required to properly set performance across the entire signal chain; external RF circuits are required to provide sufficient gain to the receiver without compromising the noise figure of the system. Having access to receiver-optimized RF solutions with high gain and low noise would help designers mitigate integration challenges and technical hurdles that add design cycles.

“Taoglas provides practical antenna and RF solutions that simplify wireless product development and accelerate product launches,” said Olivier Robin, COO at Taoglas. “Our new TFM Series is a great example of how we convert multi-year learning cycles into products that help customers save time, save space and improve performance.”

Multi-band GNSS front ends

The TFM.110A offers fully integrated external RF circuitry in a 15.5 x 15.5 x 2.76 mm package for use between GNSS receivers and Taoglas’ extensive high-accuracy range multiband antennas. Supporting L1, L2, and L5 bands, the two-stage amplifier solution generates high gain, low power consumption, and low noise across the entire signal chain for accuracy, integrity, and continuity of the signal.

TFM.110A Features and Benefits

  • Ease of integration – One-piece solution combines impedance matching, careful filter selection and low-noise design for easy and instant use with any GNSS antenna or receiver
  • Low noise system design – Built-in pre-filters provide exceptional out-of-band rejection combined with LNAs to properly define the noise figure across the entire signal chain
  • High gain architecture – Cascaded LNAs with pre-filters and optimized impedance matching provide sufficient gain to the GNSS receiver without signal-to-noise overload
  • Discrete form factor – Small footprint and low profile design in a shielded surface mount enclosure saving valuable space without the need for external components
  • Accelerated development cycles – Several years of development and learning cycles by RF design experts, providing the highest levels of integration, manufacturability and robustness

For more information, visit MWC in Las Vegas at the West Hall, booth 723 (W1.723) or contact the Taoglas team.

About Taoglas

Taoglas is a leading provider of advanced technologies for a smarter world. Our solutions include advanced components and technologies and help OEMs, enterprises and communities solve the complexities of bringing digital transformation solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively. Focused on the design of high performance and advanced antennas and RF, Taoglas has unique expertise in the integration and commercialization of extremely complex technological solutions. With world-class design and engineering expertise, as well as worldwide support and test centers, Taoglas has proven expertise around the world. transportation, connected healthcare, Smart cities and smart building Industries.

For more information, visit

]]> Harsha Engineers IPO today. Experts predict handsome gains Mon, 26 Sep 2022 00:27:12 +0000

The IPO date for Harsha Engineers has been set and shares of India’s largest manufacturer of precision bearing cages will hit Dalal Street on September 26, 2022, i.e. today. In accordance with the information available on the ESB website, effective Monday 26 September 2022, shares of Harsha Engineers International Limited will be listed and admitted to trading on the stock exchange in the list of Group “B” securities. Therefore, Harsha Engineers actions will be part of the Special Pre-Opening Session (SPOS) on Monday, September 26, 2022.

According to stock market experts, despite the loss of momentum in the gray market, Harsha Engineers’ IPO could offer an attractive gain to its beneficiaries. They said that Harsha Engineers IPO GMP (gray market premium) may have plunged from 240 to 150 per share (According to market watchers, Harsha Engineers stock price is quoted at a premium of 150 per share on the gray market today), but beneficiaries can expect a listing gain of up to 50% from the public offering on its listing date. They said the gray market is not an ideal indicator of the success or failure of a public offering and shares of Harsha Engineers should prove that with a “great debut” in trading today.

Expecting a strong gain from Harsha Engineering’s IPO, Astha Jain, senior research analyst at Hem Securities, said: “We expect Harsha Engineers shares to be listed at a premium of 40 at 45% against the issue price We recommend reserving a partial profit while remaining can be retained for the long term as a total solution provider offering a diverse range of precision engineering products across geographies and end-user industries has long-standing relationships with industry-leading customers. The company’s domestic and international production facilities and warehouses are strategically located and its expertise in tooling, design development and l Automation with a consistent track record of growth and financial performance looks solid to us.”

Harsha Engineers IPO Price Prediction

Regarding the expected IPO price of Harsha Engineers, Prashanth Tapse, Research Analyst and Senior Vice President – Research at Mehta Equities Ltd, said: “Despite the uncertainty in the stock markets, Harsha Engineers is signaling a strong start. at a significant premium to its issue price of 330/- per share. Given the excellent response from the investor category, we assume that Harsha Engineers could list approximately 480 to 500 levels, which translates to more than a 45-51% premium to the upper end of the IPO price range.”

The Mehta Equities analyst went on to add that on valuation per se, the asking price is fairly valued against its industry peers. “We are very bullish on Harsha Engineers with its dominant position and well positioned to exploit the growth of specialist precision components and bearing cage demand across all industries,” he said.

Expecting a “great debut” from Harsha Engineers shares on Dalal Street, Aayush Agrawal, senior research analyst at Swastika Investmart, said: “We believe the company could surprise markets and could make a great debut for s above its gray market premium. Solid fundamentals, competitive advantages such as high barriers to entry and high switching costs, an experienced management team and robust growth prospects explain the good health of the GMP. Additionally, the company is a proxy play on India becoming the global manufacturing hub. Our recommendation to investors is to hold the allocated shares and long-term investors can build the stock on declines.”

Harsha Engineers share price in the gray market today

According to market watchers, Harsha Engineers IPO GMP today is 150, which means that the gray market expects the public issue to be able to list approximately 480 ( 330+ 150), which is around 45% higher than its upper price range of 330 per share.

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms, and not of Mint.

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Industry Reaction to Stamp Duty Reduction Announcement – Show House Fri, 23 Sep 2022 15:14:24 +0000

Following the announcement of the Kwasi Kwarteng mini budget earlier today and the inclusion of a reduction in stamp duty, homebuilders and property have reacted to the news and analyzed the impact this could have.

Lynda Clark, CEO of First Time Buyer Group, said: “It is time for the government to take up housing as a subject of address. We’re less than a month away from the end of purchase assistance, but we’ve yet to see an alternative low deposit system with the same level of punch, although shared ownership is an invaluable option. for many.

“Affordability remains a concern for the next generation of homeowners, with average house prices now above the current stamp duty threshold for first-time buyers. The government’s plans to ease this payment are a proven formula that will help make move people again and could save home buyers thousands during the most devastating cost of living crisis in a decade.

“Liz Truss is all about trickle-down economics, and of course if home ownership remains affordable for everyone, then more first-time buyers will inevitably be able to jump onto the bottom rung of the ladder. Stamp duty reduction could help bring home ownership back within reach of many, while shared ownership, the First Homes program and deposit unlocking offer further assistance.

Stewart Lynes, General Manager of Miller Homes, commented: “We welcome the Chancellor’s changes to stamp duty today, the increase in the threshold particularly for first time buyers to £425,000 is significant and I’m sure it will benefit many people across the world. in England seeking to access the property ladder.

“The strategy put in place is a real boost for buyers and particularly first-time buyers and demonstrates the government’s vision of unlocking home ownership for a new generation.

Kamal Pankhania, CEO of leading property developers, The Westcombe Group, said: “We welcome today’s announcement that the government will reduce the rate of stamp duty by raising the thresholds at which people have to pay. Stamp duty disproportionately affects the average home buyer, and it is a welcome step that will help boost the housing sector, making it easier for first-time buyers to access the housing ladder and, more importantly, encouraging building more homes that are so badly needed across the UK.

“The Chancellor has inherited a decades-old challenge and I urge him to go further with reforms. For example, exempting first-time buyers from paying the tax in full would help support young people who so often have to struggling to buy their first home Similarly, continuing to raise the threshold at which stamp duty kicks in based on the average increase in house prices will help ensure that more people can be exempted These are the bold steps needed if we are to meet this challenge.

Joe Garner, managing director of London-based property developer NewPlace, commented: “Introducing a reduction in stamp duty five weeks before the deadline for purchase assistance loans will likely lead to a massive increase in last minute transactions, followed by a huge drop after the end of the deadline. limit. It is an irresponsible and populist policy that will likely see property prices rise further and decouple even further from income. This will likely be the final boost at the pump that will see the house price bubble burst, leaving first-time and recent buyers in negative equity, while speculators rush for below-market opportunities. .

Santhosh Gowda, President of Strawberry Star, said: “The stamp duty reduction provides a welcome boost to the housing sector, particularly in light of the end of homebuyer assistance, which will hopefully support economic growth and bolster consumer confidence. This will encourage more people to move, including downsizing, which will free up family homes and allow first-time buyers to move up the ladder. This will be a major boost for the sector which faces falling house prices amid rising inflation and rising interest rates.

“By stimulating growth in the residential sector, this will have a ripple effect on the broader real estate sector and the economy in general.”

“However, it is not a panacea. This does not change the fact that demand always exceeds supply and it is possible that house prices will prove increasingly volatile. Moreover, it does not solve the most fundamental problem at the heart of the market, namely the housing shortage. »

Edward Heaton, Founding Partner and Director of Buying Agents, Heaton and Partners, commented: “I have mixed feelings about the stamp duty reduction as our business stands to benefit from these measures which will help fuel demand in an already very competitive market, particularly outside of London.”

“The extensions to the zero rate band will be welcomed by first-time buyers and for those acquiring lower value properties in particular, but I can’t help but think the outcome will simply be to support demand as we we are heading into a recession. This can also fuel inflation and ultimately make entry into the housing market increasingly unaffordable for first-time buyers when combined with rising interest rates. ‘interest.

“The UK now has one of the highest stamp duty rates in the world for high value goods, which discourages mobility in the housing market. The increases announced today are understandably populist and, unsurprisingly, do nothing to help wealthier shoppers. »

“Unfortunately, the mini-budget has also done nothing to address the war on secondary owners and international buyers with punitive rates imposed on both. I don’t think that’s healthy, especially since many areas depend on tourists to fuel their economy I also think that in a post Brexit world the UK should do all it can to help make us an attractive destination for foreign money and that should include their ability to purchase property without being unduly penalized.

“I hope the Government’s proposals for changes to the planning system will begin to unlock more sites to urgently address the general lack of housing stock, particularly in the south of England. From experience, however, these policies often have little or no effect. The devil will be in the details and I look forward to looking into this further.

Caroline Comer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Comer Homes: “The SDLT holiday, put in place during the pandemic, had a major impact on the property market, prompting buyers to move forward, when there was potential for transaction tax savings. We saw record levels of inquiries and achievements during the period, which was crucial in times of uncertainty We welcome the stamp duty review and the increase in the threshold, which we hopefully stimulate the market, especially after another rate hike and also an impending winter of high energy prices which will have an effect on the level of activity we would normally expect to see.

“We are also pleased to see this amendment in place for an indefinite period, which will help energize the market and instill confidence in buyers. The downside of SDLT’s latest reduction was the fixed period, which has led to a bottleneck over the past few months, putting immense pressure on mortgage companies, chartered surveyors and legal teams, all vital to the completion process but struggled to manage demand, resulting in frustrating collapses.

John O’Malley, managing director of Scotland-based Pacitti Jones, said: “Stamp duty is a poorly thought out tax, which discourages people from moving, so any measure to reduce it, even in the short term, will help encourage people of all ages to move, including older people living in properties larger than they are now needed. It also makes it a bit easier for the younger generation to finance a property, which should help support the volume of real estate transactions that supports important jobs throughout the moving experience.

“The changes to National Insurance contributions should also help struggling businesses and help retain more jobs, which can only be good news for Scotland’s housing market. Plans announced to boost the Economic growth will also support local housing markets.It is imperative that we in Scotland focus on economic growth to improve living standards for everyone.

Heronslea Group CEO Jason Rishover said: “Kwasi Kwarteng presented a robust mini budget this morning, setting out an optimistic growth plan for the UK. We are delighted with the changes to stamp duty, the permanent increase in the threshold from £125,000 to £250,000 is welcome and will be a real boost to the housing market, particularly for first-time buyers, including many have delayed buying a home due to the cost of living crisis.

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The Best Realtor Guide Awards: And the Winners Are… Wed, 21 Sep 2022 23:28:30 +0000

Yesterday at the EA Masters, the winners of the Best Estate Agent Guide Awards were announced.

All real estate and rental agencies in the country, 15,000 brands, were included in the assessment.

A total of 2,230,000 sale “triggers” and 1,777,000 rental “triggers” were considered (a “trigger” includes new instructions, price reductions, retired properties, agreed sales or rentals , chess and exchanges/rentals).

This mammoth review was put together by TwentyEA.

About 1/3 of brands that made the initial “cut” went on to receive a full marketing assessment and mystery shop (both exercises conducted by independent specialist firms that were commissioned by EA Masters).

The Top 5% of real estate agents received a Gold Award, and those who receive one for sales and rentals can claim to be in the Top 2% in the country. From this elite group, the following rewards have been announced by branch number / size bracket:


1 – Living space

2-5 – Stow Brothers

6-20 – Ocean

21+ – Bradleys

National – EweMove


1 – Revilo

2-5 – Sawdye and Harris

6-20 – Ashtons

21+ – Pierre Alan

National – EweMove

Combined sales and rentals

1 – JD Gallagher

2-5 – Sawdye and Harris

6-20 – Hackney and Leigh

21+ – Bradleys

National – EweMove

The overall trophy winners are:

Sales – Living space

Rentals – Ashtons

Sales and rentals – JD Gallagher

Lancaster-based JD Gallagher won the coveted best agent award for combined sales and rentals. This is the second time in a row that they have been recognized for this award after winning the same award last year.

The Top EA Vendor Awards, sponsored by Kerfuffle, were also announced during the EA Masters. They’re also ranked by size and based on votes from real estate agents who actually use their services.


Bronze – Integral

Silver – Stephen Brown

Gold – Agent Response


Bronze – (Joint) Dawsons, Acaboom Squad

Money – Good

Gold – Inventory Hive


Bronze – Simply Convey

Silver – Landmark (Common), InventoryBase

Gold – Street Group

The big winner of the trophy and best EA supplier of the year is Street Group.

The EA Masters is the event of the year for real estate agencies with over 1,000 leading agents and suppliers attending the one-day conference, exhibition and awards ceremony.

OnTheMarket are the main partners, and their CEO, Jason Tebb, gave an impassioned speech highlighting how OnTheMarket offers an ever-growing number of products and services to enable real estate agents to improve their service delivery to movers.

Sarah Kemp, EA Masters Event Director, commented, “There is no other evaluation more comprehensive and rigorous, so the winners are truly the best realtors and suppliers in the country.”

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]]> Loyalty Management Market Size, Strategies, Competitive Landscape, Trends and Factor Analysis 2022-2032 | IBM, Comarch, Aimia, SAP, Oracle, Bond Band Loyalty, Tibco Tue, 20 Sep 2022 08:12:29 +0000

Loyalty management Market 2022 research provides accurate economic, global and national forecasts and analysis. It provides a comprehensive perspective of the competitive market along with in-depth supply chain analysis to help companies identify major shifts in industry practices. The market report also examines the current state of the Loyalty Management industry along with the anticipated future growth, technological advancements, investment prospects, market economy, and financial data. This study makes an in-depth examination of the market and offers insights based on a SWOT analysis of the industry.

Download a sample PDF of this report:

The Loyalty Management Market report provides access to critical information such as market growth drivers, market growth restraints, current market trends, economic and financial structure of the market, and others key market details. The research process is used to find, locate, access, and analyze available information to estimate the overall market size and general market scenario for Loyalty Management. This is done based on a substantial amount of primary and secondary research.

Top Key Manufacturers: IBM, Comarch, Aimia, SAP, Oracle, Bond Band Loyalty, Tibco, Salesforce, Maritz Holdings Inc., Capillary, ICF Next, Antavo, Blue Ocean, Kobie Marketing, Epsilon

Analysis of the global loyalty management market demand and future opportunities by 2032

The Loyalty Management research study defines the market size of various segments and countries by historical years and forecasts the values ​​to the next six years. The report includes qualitative and quantitative elements of the Loyalty Management industry, including market share, market size which admires each country concerned in the competitive market. Furthermore, the study addresses and also provides detailed statistics about the crucial elements of Loyalty Management, which include drivers and restraining factors that help in estimating the future growth prospects of the market.

Business opportunities in the following regions and countries:

In this part of the Loyalty Management Market report, we will be looking at the geographies and the role they play in contributing to the growth of this industry segment.

The Middle East and Africa (Turkey, GCC countries, Egypt, South Africa)
North America (United States, Mexico and Canada)
South America (Brazil, etc)
Europe (Germany, Russia, UK, Italy, France, etc.)
Asia Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia)

Answers to key questions in this report:

❋What is the current size of the Loyalty Management market in terms of revenue and volume, and what is the expected growth during the forecast period?
❋What key developments are anticipated to drive the Loyalty Management market trends?
❋What factors will trigger product demand and what is the estimated product consumption?
❋What are the upcoming business opportunities and constraints?
❋Which region will dominate the global loyalty management market share?

Key Points Covered in the Loyalty Management Market Report:

Insight: The global Loyalty Management market study offers an overview of the current market status and the forecast period. The study data is useful for making marketing decisions, determining whether to enter a market, and determining the financial status of large companies that have been in it for some time.
Drivers: The growing number of new technological advancements is estimated to augment the growth of the global and Asian loyalty management market over the forecast period.
Opportunities: Accurately and reliably, the study projects the market shares of important segments of the loyalty management market. Industry participants can use this study to guide strategic investments in high growth sectors of the Loyalty Management Market. Moreover, it helps in deciding the target audience and marketing strategies to seize the opportunities at the right time.

Customizing this report:

Thank you for reading the article in its entirety. If you want to know more about the loyalty management market, looking for customization, contact us. To achieve a comprehensive scope of Loyalty Management market or to learn more about the opportunities, contact our research analyst. Our team is available 24/7 to assist and support our customers with reliable research.

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Finally, Loyalty Management Market report is the credible source to get the market research that will exponentially accelerate your business.

About Us:
QMI has the most comprehensive collection of market research products and services available on the web. We provide reports from virtually all major publications and regularly update our list to provide you with immediate online access to the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date archive of professional market, company, property and model information. global.

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Overview of the quince market
Telephone: +1 208 405 2835
E-mail: [email protected]

Texans will suffer if Congress doesn’t protect payments for home care Sun, 18 Sep 2022 12:00:58 +0000

For years, professionals in the home care and palliative care industry have worked tirelessly on behalf of pediatric patients, geriatric patients, disabled veterans, and anyone in need of home care, regardless of their age or disability. Much of this work and the challenges our patients face are invisible to most, unless you are one of those families who desperately depends on home care services. Our industry is proud to serve this incredibly diverse patient population and our workforce doesn’t show up for the awards every day – we show up for the disabled child, the elderly patient and the relieved caregivers who rely on us. to keep their loved one home and make life a little easier.

Although we are in the background of the healthcare landscape, our industry can no longer afford to remain silent. Home care and palliative care providers face rising inflation, shortages of healthcare workers and rising fuel costs to travel from home to home, impacting impact on patient care and access to essential home care services. These issues are further compounded by the current COVID-19 public health emergency and recent devastating proposals to cut federal Medicare home health benefits.