Punk rock

Grasping At Pieces debuts at the Sanctuary on Saturday

Punk rock history is being written this weekend as a brand new Montgomery / Prattville band, Grasping At Pieces, debuts live at the Sanctuary. “It’s like a mix of old Californian hard core, and also some of the oldest bands in Alabama. The Knockabouts, Dead Pigeons and all that,” said …

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THE SHAKEYS // Shaking up the world of punk rock

Shakes are back, baby! Almost seven years after the release of their first EP, white lightning, the Borloo / Perth dynamos have abandoned their first album, Crowd mentality. FOLLOWING: HARD ONS: Now with Tim Rogers added // DEPARTMENT: Dystopia Snapshot COMMENTS: NEW ICE KILLS: The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to …

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Circle Jerks, Devo, Descendants, More

After a 16-month delay and a few major lineup changes along the way, Punk Rock Bowling returned to Las Vegas with its 22nd episode last weekend – featuring over 40 bands on two stages, as well as 18 club shows. distinct. As Devo closed the festival with an epic set …

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