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The Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival has unveiled its 2023 lineup, which will be headlined by Rancid, Bad Religion and Dropkick Murphys.

The 23rd annual punk-rock celebration will take place May 26-29 on 6th Street in Las Vegas. Three-day general admission passes ($190) and VIP passes ($475) are available on the Punk Rock Bowling website. Individual tickets for club shows will go on sale in February 2023.

Next year’s lineup boasts one of the biggest bills yet for PRB. In addition to the aforementioned headliners, other notable punk and punk-adjacent acts include The Interrupters, Suicidal Tendencies, The Damned, L7, GBH, The Exploited, Fishbone, Agnostic Front, TSOL and many more.

Music is just one facet of the festival, which will also host pool parties, games of chance and a bowling tournament. Other amenities include free water, a craft bar program, food trucks, and more.

“I think Punk Rock Bowling is important because it’s an annual meeting space for people around the world in the punk rock community and I hope what we do inspires people to continue to believe in those ideals. which have always been political,” said festival organizer Shawn. Stern, who is also a founding member of the Youth Brigade. “We live in truly crazy, strange and uncertain times. When I got into punk it was always about protesting and calling people out and I think that continues to this day.

He continued, “That’s why it’s important to support all these new, younger bands and I hope that’s what Punk Rock Bowling is able to do: it gives them the opportunity to come and see bands that , hopefully inspired them to start playing music. and it gives older people like me the opportunity to be inspired and say, “I’m happy to see that the kids are carrying on the tradition and trying to tackle the mess that we see in our whole society and around the world “. world.'”

Punk Rock Bowling took on 2022 after returning in 2021 following a pandemic postponement to 2020. See Serious consequenceThe recap and the gallery of the 2021 edition here.

Get Punk Rock Bowling passes here. Below, you can see the full lineup poster and watch our recent video interview with Bad Religion.

Philadelphia punk rock band Riverside Odds take on rock n roll’s greatest vices in ‘Blessings From The Devil’ https://dfbpunk.com/philadelphia-punk-rock-band-riverside-odds-take-on-rock-n-rolls-greatest-vices-in-blessings-from-the-devil/ Thu, 17 Nov 2022 21:16:41 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/philadelphia-punk-rock-band-riverside-odds-take-on-rock-n-rolls-greatest-vices-in-blessings-from-the-devil/

rhyme report

Published on November 17, 2022 |
by Marilyn Reles

From the insane stories of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons having the tongue of a cow to the satanic panic of Judas Priest inserting hidden messages into their songs, the devil is often portrayed as the puppeteer who moves the puppet of rock ‘n’ roll. ‘ roll. Now Riverside Odds is here to present its own intentional take. Hailing from Philadelphia’s burgeoning punk scene, Riverside Odds returns with a hard-hitting track that any visitor to rock n roll will identify with. “Blessings from the Devil” shares insight into some of the darker and more vicious elements of the rock n roll lifestyle through a unique lens of personal responsibility. Instrumentally energetic, the album explodes with blistering guitar riffs and lead vocals from original band member RW Hellborn, lead guitar from Matty Cobra, punchy bass from Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti, and Jorge Disguster’s intensity from the lines. captivating drum sets from The Hangmen (LIVE band includes G .Patrick Poli on bass & Ginger Knight on drums). Examples of vices displayed in their song lyrics include alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs.

“Bless this bottle pressed between my lips, And bless these lines of cocaine that I take between each sip, Bless this smoke that fills my lungs. Am I too old to die young? ~ Devil’s Blessings

Whether playing songs about love and loss or challenge and decadence, Riverside Odds’ mission has remained the same: have fun playing rock n roll with friends. Founded by RW and Matty in 2013, the band embarked on their first US tour in 2016, supporting the popular V8 Wankers. They extended the tour into 2017 with another East Coast jaunt, followed by a pivotal year in 2018 when they were signed to Altercation Records. There they were greeted with the opportunity to play Camden, NJ’s Warped Tour and provide direct support to a growing number of international touring bands. With several successful tours and album releases under their belt, the band takes it up a notch with every effort and “Blessings from the Devil” certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Listen to “Blessings from the Devil on Spotify here.

New York band Bad Mary released punk-rock song and video “It’s All Trash” https://dfbpunk.com/new-york-band-bad-mary-released-punk-rock-song-and-video-its-all-trash/ Mon, 14 Nov 2022 19:45:00 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/new-york-band-bad-mary-released-punk-rock-song-and-video-its-all-trash/

New York’s Bad Mary just released their new music video for their upcoming song “It’s All Trash”, which was released on November 8th.e. Bad Mary is made up of lead singer Amanda Mac, with her husband Mike Staub on bass, her father Bill Mac on drums and her Hofstra University professor David Henderson on guitar. These four multi-generational equal parts continue to inspire each other with their distinct musical prowess and skills.

Asked about the song bassist Staub Explain, “This song is kind of a realization that despite a fancy label or the way we dress a lot of what we consume, a lot of it is still just…trash. I always wanted to deliver that message in our cheeky, bratty way, hence the 80s glam metal “oh yeahs” in the chorus. In the end, even Trash can be a lot of fun. It’s also, for me, one of our heaviest songs, which I like because it has a fun but aggressive vibe in it,” shares bassist Mike Staub.

Guitarist David Henderson explains that the video was shot in an abandoned mental institution, creating the perfect aesthetic for the song. “We shot the video in an abandoned psychiatric center. We had to hire a guide, Krispy DeRato, who knew his way around to help us find a good location to film. We had to go through dark, partially flooded tunnels filled with white mud and water drops to get there, it was honestly pretty rough, and if Krispy hadn’t led us we would definitely have gotten lost there. Once located, I just played the song on my phone and said, “OK, just do the Amanda dance around the building.” Amanda took off and owned the space, I pretty much followed her to make sure I had everything. It had rained the night before, so all the dripping and mud was part of the natural atmosphere of the place.

Around mid-December, the band plans to bring holiday cheer with the release of their EP “A Very Bad Christmas.” You won’t want to miss their avant-garde rock and punk versions of Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard High and Little Drummer Boy. Bad Mary’s songs have been a rotating staple on SiriusXM’s Underground Garage, but “It’s All Trash” really piqued their ears.

“Bad Mary just seems to constantly provide an endless stream of entertaining content. They’re an amazing group, and they seem like they’re having so much fun with everything they do.

Folk N Rock

Bad Mary comes out

Bad Mary is from Long Island, but they rehearse at Kings Park. Band members Amanda and Bill are from Massapequa, Mike is from Hicksville. Currently David lives in Kings Park, Mike and Amanda are local to Huntington.

Their latest EP Trash and glamor will be released in early 2023. You can watch their weekly live stream on Twitch on Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST. To watch, click the link here.

Watch Bad Mary’s latest video for “It’s All Trash” below.

UM is about to show “Punk Rock Girl!” throughout November – Shelby County Reporter https://dfbpunk.com/um-is-about-to-show-punk-rock-girl-throughout-november-shelby-county-reporter/ Wed, 09 Nov 2022 16:07:30 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/um-is-about-to-show-punk-rock-girl-throughout-november-shelby-county-reporter/

UM is about to show “Punk Rock Girl!” the whole month of november

Posted at 1:33 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

By MEG HERNDON | Personal editor

MONTEVALLO – The Department of Theater of the University of Montevallo will present “Punk Rock Girl!” on the Rebecca J. Luker Stage at the DiscoverShelby Theater at the Center for the Arts throughout November.

“Punk Rock Girl” is directed by Michael Walker, associate professor of acting and voice at UM. The show’s choreography is by Will Harrell and the music is directed by Jennifer Hartsell, accompanist and musical director of the UM Theater Department. Additionally, the show is presented in conjunction with Concord Theatricals.

“Punk-rock girl!” is the story of 16-year-old Angela Quivers, a perfectionist who doesn’t take risks and feels like she doesn’t belong until she meets another teenager, Proxi, who introduces her to the world grungy guitars, shocking secrets and big, loud, messy emotions.

Attendees can expect a musical about a young person finding community and creating their tribe. According to UM “Punk Rock Girl!” is a raucous celebration of all that is raw and tattered, trashy and heartfelt, familiar and foreign. It features twenty songs written and made famous by female artists and female-fronted bands, including Blondie, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Pat Benatar and many more. The book and musical arrangements are by Tony-nominated composer Joe Iconis, with co-arrangements and orchestrations by Rob Rokicki.

Performances are scheduled for November 17-19 at 7:30 p.m., with matinee performances scheduled for Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20 at 2 p.m. each day.

Those interested in seeing the show can find tickets online at Montevallotickets.universitytickets.com.

Punk rock band Big Joanie on their album ‘Back Home’ : NPR https://dfbpunk.com/punk-rock-band-big-joanie-on-their-album-back-home-npr/ Sun, 06 Nov 2022 12:57:09 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/punk-rock-band-big-joanie-on-their-album-back-home-npr/

NPR’s Ayesha Rascoe talks to Chardine Taylor-Stone and Stephanie Phillips of punk rock band Big Joanie about their album “Back Home” and the role of joy and resistance in punk music.



There are bands that, from the first notes, let you know they mean business.


BIG JOANIE: (singing) You’re right. I’m tense in the middle. I feel high but I’m tense in the middle. You made my world less than.

RASCOE: Big Joanie is one of them, a British punk band with lyrics rich with the strength and vulnerability that defines the genre. Joining us now from London is drummer Chardine Taylor-Stone and singer-guitarist Stephanie Phillips. Welcome to the show.

STEPHANIE PHILLIPS: Hello. Hi. Thank you for receiving us.


RASCOE: Stephanie, I’ll start with you. I want to start where Big Joanie started almost ten years ago. Tell us about your first show.

PHILLIPS: Of course. So we started the band because I saw an advertisement for an event called First-Timers, which aimed to inspire the most marginalized people to make music. And, yes, I posted some kind of message asking if anyone would like to join a black punk band, and Chardine, whom I had met a few months before at a black feminist meeting, responded immediately and said, you know, I want to play drums. I want to play standing drums. I think we should sound like that. And, yeah, we just kept playing.

RASCOE: I want to go to Chardine now. You know, I read that you called yourself a black feminist punk band, basically because you had never heard of it before. Why did you give yourself this label? Has it helped other people understand your art better? Also, why punk music?

TAYLOR-STONE: Well, I mean, I think it’s pretty literal. So we are black feminists…


TAYLOR-STONE: …And we’re in a punk band, so that made sense, really. You know, I grew up listening to Nirvana and Hole and, you know, hardcore punk bands. Anyone would make music and try to be like the bands they love, and that’s basically what we do.

RASCOE: Here is part of your song “Confident Man”. We’re going to play a little.


BIG JOANIE: (singing) If they like me, this could be my big day. I could count. If I try with all my might, I could win. I will count. If I’m lucky and smart, they’ll pay. I will emerge victorious. If I hustle, if I stay cool, I could also be a confident man.

RASCOE: Trust can be a trap. It can also be a tool. Like, what were you thinking with that song?

PHILLIPS: It was inspired by an essay in writer Jia Tolentino’s book “Trick Mirror.” There’s so much about the kind of crook culture that’s almost an aspiration for, like, today. For example, people kinda like the idea of ​​people agreeing on capitalist culture, but there’s no aspiration to break things up. And yeah, it was pretty much the kind of idea to aspire to be this con artist, this confident man who always feels like he knows it all but is really just a little bit there, out there in a way – like a leech on society and everyone else.


RASCOE: Let’s listen to part of this song. We have another lead. This is called “insecurity”.


BIG JOANIE: (singing) I feel like I’m running out of time. I don’t know how to make up my mind, my wasted youth spent moving mountains. Is it a path that I can see?

RASCOE: Can you tell me a bit, Chardine, about those mountains? Like, what were those mountains that you feel like you wasted your youth moving for?

TAYLOR-STONE: Well, I mean, I think for us, growing up as black women, you know, we’re taught to, you know, be pretty, be quiet, and often take on a lot of housework which perhaps our siblings and male relatives do not. So there are a lot of things that we have to do in order to be able to create space.


BIG JOANIE: (singing) Sit down and think about all that I could be. Tell me, how will I succeed?

RASCOE: When you’re not making your own music, you’re both really invested in trying to make the London music scene and in particular the punk scene more accessible to people who might not have been welcome before. For example, what motivates you to do this work? What does this job look like?

TAYLOR-STONE: I guess the motivation is really just having a space where we can be fully ourselves, when there are, like, really amazing times where, like, you’re completely, like, stepping out into the pit and everything and you see all these different types of people of color doing their thing, bringing their culture into the pit, which they just can’t do anywhere else. We started this band because we wanted to be in a band where we can only be weird black girls, and now we can. You know, it’s about creating new standards for people, and we’re really proud to have created these spaces.

RASCOE: Let’s end on your song “Happier Still”, and we’ll play some of it.


BIG JOANIE: (singing) I want to feel happier, happier, happier. Feel happier, happier, happier again. The road has been long. I do not have time anymore. The road has been difficult. I feel far from well.

RASCOE: Is happiness radical? And is happiness punk?

PHILLIPS: That’s a good question. Punk, to me, is, you know, again, as they say, being radical, revolutionary. And being a revolutionary means that you are not simply accepting the way – the life that society has entrusted to you. It’s kind of about building your own spaces, creating your own community, and creating community within you and happiness within you. So I think happiness can be punk in its own way.


TAYLOR-STONE: You know, the kind of idea people have of punk is that it’s nihilistic. These are, you know, people who get drunk and stoned. And I think those kind of ideas that we had in the past about what punk was really were pretty patriarchal ideas of rebellion. Our thing is to completely change that to be like, OK, so what do we want our society to look like, really, not just like some fantasy that looks good on a poster?

RASCOE: Chardine Taylor-Stone and Stephanie Phillips, two-thirds of Big Joanie – their new album is called ‘Back Home’. Thanks a lot you two.



BIG JOANIE: (singing) It’s been a while since I lasted…

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1st Anniversary Punk Rock Tacos Featuring Boss’ Daughter, Gray Trash Aliens, The Turdles, Torch The Hive, and More; Villa Park, Illinois https://dfbpunk.com/1st-anniversary-punk-rock-tacos-featuring-boss-daughter-gray-trash-aliens-the-turdles-torch-the-hive-and-more-villa-park-illinois/ Sat, 05 Nov 2022 16:03:27 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/1st-anniversary-punk-rock-tacos-featuring-boss-daughter-gray-trash-aliens-the-turdles-torch-the-hive-and-more-villa-park-illinois/

Earlier this year, Dying Scene introduced our readers to Noah Corona, the founder of Punk Rock Tacos. Corona hosted a PRT 1st Anniversary Party on October 21, 2022. Held at PRT’s home, Cemitas Poblanas in Villa Park, IL, it doubled as a Halloween costume party and featured bands from inside and from outside Illinois, including headliners Boss’ The Girl.

Boss’ Daughter, from Reno, Nevada, took the stage just after midnight on the 22nd. The trio, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Chris Fox, Jamie Locks on drums and Danny Paul on bass, rode through a generous set, including “Stupid Chords, Stupid Words, Stupid Song”, “Help To Forget”, “Religious Convenience”, “Embrace impermanence and “Photography”. This last track is a beautiful song, which I understandably liked, not only for the title, but rather for the sentiment expressed inside. It describes a query, which most of us photographers will probably ask ourselves from time to time.

We’ll see our last moonrise

I wish I had these pictures

Although mostly lost, this beauty shot remembers

Someone wrote the song for how I feel

So I’ll just sit and listen.”

Simply put, it was a very moving set.

SUMPP normally consists of Neil P. and Weftin, but that night drummer Phil Warren was added to the mix. The band’s set was very lively. I use the word animated because the band members, with their flailing limbs and growling facial expressions, made me think of Taz, the Tasmanian Devil from classic Loony Tunes cartoons. SUMPP went through “Consume!”, “Laid off”, “The Best, The Worst, and the Most Likely” (written by Weftin, unlike all other songs written by Neil P.), “Pillz”, “Terminator 2 had reason”, “Talkin’ Spit” and “Cranks”. It was an absolutely insane performance, which left many uninitiated at SUMPP slightly giddy. But the gaping gazes of many in attendance soon turned into smiles and It was a reaction I bet Neil P and Weftin were thrilled to see.

The Turdles – yes, the band’s name is spelled correctly and a play we all know about, from Elgin IL – played a lively set with “Courtyard”, Dick Pic”, “Why You Gotta Call The Cops” and “Empty Hallways” included in the set-list. As evidenced by their name, this is a band that uses humor to engage the audience. Lead vocalist Josh Holbrook, Dave Cherek on bass, Dan Cuchiara on guitar and drummer Charlie Stanley hit their marks on this night, and have done so for over a decade and a half, so if you have the chance, check out one of the band’s gigs.

Gray Trash Aliens has a unique name and since this event was a costume party as well as a first anniversary show, the band members seemed quite unique as well. Bassist and singer Patrick Mineau appeared with a large stain of fake blood on his t-shirt resembling a stab wound on the right side. Said t-shirt featured the words “I’m fine.” On his cap, a pair of scissors seems to be lodged in his skull. Adam Spizziri, lead guitarist, wore a bug cap and sunglasses. He matched in these themes guitarist Mike Milman who wore a full costume resembling an alien insect, including a full mask. The set, which included “Unsocial Media”, “Basement”, “Believe It” and “Addiction” among others, was as original as the band’s name. He went through the set, serving up a takeoff of a good time.

Chicago’s hardcore trio Anger is half of two-tone Chicago band The Crombies. Each member has their own distinct performance style. Dave Simon, its lead singer, is also the guitarist for the hugely popular rocksteady band, Deal’s Gone Bad. Simon is a prominent and colorful figure in the Chicago punk scene. His usual performance includes pirouettes, climbing on front stage amps and being carried through the crowd, on the shoulders of friends, but when he’s playing lead vocalist/guitarist he’s more closely related to the microphone. But he’s no less compelling, and each vocal pause frees him to engage the crowd. Matt Meuzelaar is a powerful drummer. Flapping stoically, it perfectly balances Simon’s ruckus. In the middle, Kevin Lustrup, is light on his feet as he bounces, usually on the spot. Lustrup and Meuzelaar drive the backbeat engine. Altogether, this adds up to an energetic performance on base. That night they played through another solid set including “Hard Livin'”, “Earth”, “Lost Last Night”, “Blood” and “Fucked Up”. Anger also performed “Listen Up” written by Simon in 1986. The crowd seemed quite happy to have Anger at this party and Anger seemed quite happy to have the crowd.

Chicago’s Torch The Hive kicked off the party with a fiery performance. The band consists of Mike Fruel on guitar and vocals, Tyler Sanders on bass and drummer Sergio Apanco. The set included “Copaganda”, “FEA”, “Molotov Trail”, and “Evil Men”, along with other tracks. The group didn’t set fire to hives during this event, but they did set fire to the stage. It was a flamboyant performance, and the crowd obviously digged it. I did too.

Punk Rock Tacos had a terrific first year full of shows featuring great bands, but the atmosphere is just as enticing. Events take place both inside and outside the room. The latter sometimes requires making scenes out of trucks and other objects. It’s a good time, where old friends hang out and new friends make. For my part, I hope Corona and Matt Durica, his partner in this endeavor, will continue for years to come.

See below for more images from this event below.

Punk rock playwright Diana Burbano is still true to herself https://dfbpunk.com/punk-rock-playwright-diana-burbano-is-still-true-to-herself/ Thu, 03 Nov 2022 12:00:28 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/punk-rock-playwright-diana-burbano-is-still-true-to-herself/

Playwright Diana Burbano immigrated from Colombia to Cleveland with her family when she was 3, then they moved to San Jose when she was 9. It wasn’t easy and Burbano struggled in school. “I went to seven or eight schools because I couldn’t hack it in any of them,” she says. “One of the things they said was that I wasn’t writing.”

It’s because she couldn’t, Burbano said. Not by hand. She credits her eventual life in letters to the laptop’s autocorrect feature. “It changed my life because I didn’t have to be ashamed of what I wrote,” she said as she sat on the patio of her Long Beach apartment, seagulls croaking in the distance.

After years of acting (Burbano has a classical education, including a stint in London), she began writing plays in her thirties. Writing her own material served as a corrective to her lived experience of playing what she calls the “hot tamale” parts: Anita in “West Side Story” or Bianca in “Kiss Me, Kate.”

“It’s really not me,” Burbano recalls thinking of those symbolic roles — roles that suggest Latinx culture is a monolith to be boiled down to a singular essence: what it means to be brown in the world. As if there was only one answer to that. After that, Burbano started writing for herself.

One of its earliest pieces centered on Cuban-born artist Ana Mendieta, who created cathartic artwork using natural materials including mud, grass and blood, and died at 36. years after falling from her 34th floor apartment in Greenwich Village. Sculptor Carl Andre, her husband, was accused of pushing Mendieta out of the window; he was later acquitted. “I don’t think she ever got her due, and he still lives in the same apartment,” Burbano says. The experience also made Burbano realize that she enjoyed writing plays more than acting in them.

The Bay Area’s Alter Theater, a champion of underrepresented voices, commissioned Burbano’s first published play, “Ghosts of Bogotá.” He won the nuVoices festival at the Actor’s Theater in Charlotte in 2019 and made his debut at Alter in 2020.

“Ghosts of Bogotá” follows a trio of Americanized siblings as they return to Colombia to clean up their grandfather’s apartment after his death. It is a disturbing mission; their grandfather sexually abused them. The siblings grapple with their family history as the ghosts of their grandfather and grandmother – who failed to protect the children and pretended bad things didn’t happen – appear. “How to forgive him? And do we forgive him? I mean, do we have that ability? Burbano asks. “We have this tradition of a great matriarchy. And yet we keep all these secrets, male secrets, really painful secrets.

Her own family harbored such secrets, which is part of why, Burbano says, she felt so isolated as a child. Her family did their best to integrate into the United States while pushing back against the uncomfortable truths they would eventually reveal through their art. “As a Latinx woman, I want to show people that you have the right to be really angry, that you can be messy, and that you can’t be a nice person. And that’s great,” says Burbano.

Burbano credits playwright Luis Alfaro, who mentored her at East LA Rep, for helping her stay true to her authentic self as a writer. She wanted to write about what might have happened if Joan Jett and Linda Ronstadt were in a band together when they were younger.

“I was like, ‘Well, maybe I should write something more Latino because this is a bunch of Latino writers, and I’m always told my stuff isn’t Latino enough,'” says -she. “And Luis was like, ‘What do you want to write? Just write it.

Since then, she says she’s felt the freedom of being a Latinx writer who explores what it means to be a human in the world — grounded in her personal identity and independent choices.

Burbano is also fascinated by history – particularly what can be gleaned about our inner workings through the lineage. She is currently part of the Geffen Playhouse Writers’ Workshop, digging into a project called “Beheading Columbus,” inspired in part by protests that involved the toppling of public statues rooted in white supremacy.

“How is it to be so divided in your body, to have Native people, to have very traumatized people in your body, and then also to have the blood of the conqueror in your body? she said from the room. “To have them both. And they fight.

Burbano often wonders what life was like for his ancestors. Who they loved, what secret pain they carried, the triumphs they shared, the legacy they left. It’s hard to know more because record keeping in Latin America isn’t that good, she says. Her husband, on the other hand, she jokes, could trace his family line back to Magna Carta.

Punk rock artists to lead British music jubilee https://dfbpunk.com/punk-rock-artists-to-lead-british-music-jubilee/ Mon, 31 Oct 2022 12:04:00 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/punk-rock-artists-to-lead-british-music-jubilee/

English rock band Pulp, Budapest Singer George Ezra, English electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers and English singer-songwriter Robbie Williams are all set to lead the 2023 annual UK music festival called the Isle of Wight.

Taking place in Newport, the capital of the Isle of Wight, an island off the south coast of England, the event was born out of a counterculture experiment from 1968 to 1970. The year next in 2023, the festival begins on June 15 and runs until June 18.

Back in 2022, the island’s music festival also featured English rock bands, Muse, Kasabian and Scottish singer-songwriter, Lewis Capaldi headlining after its 2021 edition was stalled in due to prolonged Covid-19 restrictions. The following year, the festival was held at Seaclose Park, the significant park site located on the northeast side of Newport on the island along the eastern banks of the Medina River. The list of performers and musicians includes alternative and indie rock bands, The Courteeners, Debbie Harry’s punk rock band, Blondie and Welsh rock band, Manic Street Preachers, popularly known as Manics among d other artists.

As part of their long 2023 reunion tour, Pulp will lead the first full day of the Isle of Wight Music Festival 2023 on Friday 16th June. Earlier in the summer in July this year, the indie rock band’s founder, frontman, lyricist and only cohesive member, Javis Cocker had proclaimed that the band would set off on a journey in 2023 for their first gigs together since 2012.

The Britpop artists confirmed their reunion tour dates last week by making headlines at Henham Park’s annual music carnival called The Latitude Festival and Glasgow’s TRNSMT music festival. At the Latitude music festival, the group will be joined by Scottish blues musician, Paolo Nutini, and on the other hand, TRNSMT will feature the Begin singer, Sam Fender in addition to English pop group, The 1975. The TRNSMT festival will return to Glasgow Green from July 7-9 next year, featuring Kasabian, George Ezra, English rock duo called The Royal Blood, the British rapper, Aitch and more.

Email: chokita@newindianexpress.com

Twitter: @PaulChokita

Punk rock foodie Derrick Fox reveals the secrets of the ‘MasterChef’ kitchen https://dfbpunk.com/punk-rock-foodie-derrick-fox-reveals-the-secrets-of-the-masterchef-kitchen/ Thu, 27 Oct 2022 15:31:00 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/punk-rock-foodie-derrick-fox-reveals-the-secrets-of-the-masterchef-kitchen/

Listen to the episode

He’s a bit greedy and a bit rock ‘n roll. This week, we catch up with musician-turned-MasterChef candidate Derrick Fox.

The Fort Myers native graduated from Estero High School and pursued a career as a drummer with Naples-based rock band Later Days. After years of touring, Derrick recently put away his chopsticks for his other passion: cooking. He now works as a private chef, dividing his time between Dallas, Fort Myers and Los Angeles, where he twice appeared on the reality TV show MasterChef. In Season 6, he was a finalist. And in Season 12, he’s tied for seventh place. Although Derrick didn’t take home the trophy, he did turn his time on the show into a podcast titled A Bunch of Losers with Derrick Fox.

On his podcast, Derrick also interviews reality TV competitions as they all drink from mugs with a FOX emoji. At the end of each episode, he subjects the guests to a blind taste test, because whether he’s making music, appearing on a reality show or dreaming up new creations for his dessert brand, Epic Mega Cookie Company, Derrick is a foodie.

I recently spoke with Derrick Fox, aka Derrick Peltz, about how his music career prepared him to be a chef and what home cooks can learn from MasterChef cooking.

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My Journeys Through the Maelstrom of Punk Rock by Professor Peter Smith – Sunderland Magazine https://dfbpunk.com/my-journeys-through-the-maelstrom-of-punk-rock-by-professor-peter-smith-sunderland-magazine/ Sat, 22 Oct 2022 05:00:23 +0000 https://dfbpunk.com/my-journeys-through-the-maelstrom-of-punk-rock-by-professor-peter-smith-sunderland-magazine/
Professor Peter Smith receives an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from the University of Sunderland during today’s graduation ceremony at the Stadium of Light Photo: DAVID WOOD

Sunderland academic paralyzed from neck to toe after tragic accident writes punk rock book

One night, in a pitch-black hallway, Professor Peter Smith was walking back into the bedroom when he took a wrong turn, fell down the stairs and broke his back.

Paralyzed from the neck down, Peter’s life changed completely in a split second, except for one thing he refused to change: his love of punk rock music and concerts.

In a new book – My journeys through the maelstrom of punk rockthe University of Sunderland academic shares his inspiring story of tragedy, pain, willpower and courage, and the ability to keep doing what he loves most.

Father of three, Peter, 65, from Sunderland, says: “I’ve lived a full, exciting and unique life. In my youth, I experienced an enigma. My rebellious nature took me away from my university studies in the world of punk rock; a very different world from the one I normally lived in. Some might say I was an aspiring middle-class scholar.

The punk rock journey began in the mid-1970s, in a small pub in Whitby, when Peter saw a performance by the Sex Pistols which he says “shook me to my core and changed my view of the music world for still”.

He adds: “From then on, we were caught in a whirlwind of punk rock, seeing The Clash, The Damned, The Jam; all the early punk bands in 1976 and 1977. It was a magical, explosive and sometimes scary journey. Amidst a sea of ​​punks, my long hair stood out, inviting trouble and tempting danger. We managed to avoid many fights, pint glasses flying everywhere and a range of skinheads waiting for us outside. Life was dangerous, wired, scary but fun!

Despite his wild youth, Peter grew up to be an internationally renowned scholar and teacher. For more than four decades, he had a profound impact on hundreds of students at the University of Sunderland through his lectures in mathematics and computer science, his academic papers, as well as the supervision of doctoral researchers. He has published over 300 books, articles and articles on a wide range of topics including IT, management and music.

In addition to his teaching work, Peter is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Arts, Chartered Management Institute and several others. companies. He is also a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist, Chartered Mathematician, Chartered Manager, and Chartered Statistician.

Despite the life-changing fall at his home in 2016, leaving him in need of round-the-clock care, as well as the loss of his wife Marie to cancer three years later, Peter continues to support PhD students around the world. whole, teaching online and supervising with the help of technology, alongside his writing.

To date, Peter has attended over 2,000 concerts, documenting and cataloging every concert he has attended, producing a music blog and writing about those experiences.

He says: “I continue to go to concerts, work and live a full life. This book is a cathartic reflection of my days as a punk! I hope you enjoy joining me on my journey through a strange life mission.

My journeys through the maelstrom of punk rockis published by New Haven Publishing Ltd and was co-written by Peter and his daughter Laura Smith.