Consumers will get 4-5x speeds on 5G, rates set to double: Ookla

Rolling out 5G services in India will give users a head start with internet speeds likely to increase by at least four to five times 4G levels, experts at the US network testing and analytics provider have said. Okla.

Speaking to Mint, Principal Analyst Sylwia Kechiche said that although the internet has proliferated in India, the actual speeds offered by new 5G networks will be far superior to current 4G levels of up to 10Mbps on phones. mobiles; actual speeds will depend on the bands the carriers adopt to provide the services.

“We’ve seen in other countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia that speeds have increased 7-10x from 4G LTE levels. We can also expect a 4-5x increase in India. It depends on the bands for 5G though,” she said.

India has yet to auction spectrum for 5G services, although the government plans to do so this month. The government has so far accepted proposals from the telecommunications regulator to auction 5G waves in two bands – 3.6 Ghz and sub 1 Ghz – for basic prices almost 36% lower than in 2018.

Kechiche said while the sub-1Ghz would provide coverage for carriers, the 3.6Ghz band would provide telecom operators with the ability to launch 5G services. Therefore, a combination of the two could well provide carriers with the combination needed to offer 5G services across the country.

However, she highlighted India’s high 5G spectrum pricing which can become a barrier to achieving large-scale deployments, noting that Indian prices at current levels were much higher than several other countries, noting that Indian prices to the P.

“In India, spectrum was priced at $41 million per Mhz, which is well above $23 million in Italy, $10 million in France and $1 million in Portugal,” $23 million in Italy, $10 million in France and $1 million in Portugal,” she said.

She added that if pricing was made more affordable, 5G could present Indian operators with an opportunity to improve their financial health, as the services could be provided at a premium to consumers as well as businesses.

Referring to the findings of another agency GlobalData, she said 5G prices in India may well double in the long run.

According to GlobalData, 5G will overtake 4G as the most popular way to access mobile internet in the United States as early as 2024, when there will be more 5G subscribers than 4G, consuming more data than users. 4G subscribers. As a result, carriers in the United States will earn a higher average monthly revenue per user or ARPU from consumers of $45.56 in 2022, with 4G LTE only generating an ARPU of $26.41. The data suggests that 5G ARPU in the US will more than double 4G LTE ARPU in 2023 and will continue to overtake 4G in increasing percentages in 2025-2026. Granted, carriers in the US are offering 5G-enabled service bundles that include entertainment-based value-added services (VAS).

In India, tariffs remain well below 180 mark, with telecom operators planning to raise it in the coming quarters.

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