Florence Motor Speedway Music Festival brings punk rock to Pee Dee

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – The second annual “Punking in Tents” music festival took place at Florence Motor Speedway this weekend. The organizers and performers were excited to bring pun rock to the Pee Dee.

“We don’t have that here,” said festival curator Patrick Mahon. “All of these bands want a place to play and instead of going to Ohio or Philadelphia or Florida, why don’t you just have it here? Mahon said he loved punk rock and was disappointed that there weren’t enough places to see bands live. He begins to organize concerts.

“Pat came to me years ago to just do simple shows at home,” Heather Hagood said. His house was the site of the first “Punking in Tents” in 2020. The event started as a birthday party, but Mahon said it quickly got out of hand when more musicians than expected demanded to perform. . They decided to do it again this year but with more organization and a bigger venue.

“Basically we were in my friend’s backyard last year and now we’re at Florence Motor Speedway,” said Mahon. “The plan is to just increase it every year and make it bigger, better. Make it a fun experience. The event featured vendors and food trucks. Fans have traveled all over the state to stitch their mohawks and put on makeup to enjoy the shows. A band came from Oregon to perform.

“The best part about it is that everyone comes together as a big punk rock metal family, just enjoying each other’s time and each other’s music,” said Steven “PJ” Jones. His Charleston-based group, Guardian’s Warlock, was a late addition to the festival’s lineup. He and several others first came to the festival to shoot a documentary after being impressed with the first iteration of the festival.

“This is our culture and this is what we stand for,” said Dog Bite frontman Charlie Smith. “I’ve always been like this and that’s how I’m going to be until the day I die.” Mahon said the event was made possible with the help of several of his friends. Camping on the trail was available to participants. The festival ends Sunday evening.

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