Goderich BIA hosts a Friday night punk rock show

Downtown Goderich BIA is hosting a youth punk rock concert tomorrow night.

Down Town BIA manager David Mackechnie says they will have two bands, Moffat Avenue and Full Throttle, two London area punk bands. He says the idea for a punk gig was born when he put out a call on social media for bands for their Thursday night and Saturday afternoon gigs and got a response from a very few. good punk bands. He says the problem was that it wasn’t a good fit for their Thursday night series.

“It’s not a good fit for a Thursday night because we tend to have an older crowd and there’s kind of a tone that’s already been set for that. I love punk as much as anyone else, but I would find it a bit energetic at two in the morning on a Saturday afternoon.

But, he said, they wanted to give punk bands the chance to play there, so the solution was a one-off show that Friday night that was marketed, in large part, to young people.

Mackechnie says he hopes to make most of the events they have organized for the summer an annual thing.

“I’m hoping to make most of the events we have organized for the summer an annual thing. So I think if it’s successful I’m definitely planning on doing another one in July next year and if it’s really successful we’ll maybe consider a date in August next year as well if we can find a few other groups.

The concert starts around seven on the courthouse square stage in Goderich, but Mackechnie says they’re expecting a good turnout, so it might be a good idea to arrive a little earlier. He adds that the Sweet Love Eat food truck will also be present for the evening. More information about the concert can be found on the Goderich Downtown BIA website under events.

(Provided by Goderich BIA)

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