Guide to the 10 best rock bands whose music is sure to live with you over the years


Rock is music that has a rich past and in the past the world has met many rock bands that have always made waves in the rock scene. They feared no one and wowed audiences with their spectacular sound and aggressive music. Even though many bands have a compelling story to tell, here we have listed the Top 10 Rock bands who are simply the best of the best. Read below to pick your favorite from the lot.

It is rather foolish to doubt this name because they are simply irreplaceable and unquestionably the best in the rock scene. The Beatles had a short period from the 1960s to the 1970s, but still rank as the number one best-selling artist of all time. These guys have steadily risen to fame and have garnered almost every award, produced movies and even performed in them, and even maintain the record of having the most cover songs. With their incredible and unique pop and rock appeal and a brilliant team of songwriters, the band is the most successful of all time. So far, this phenomenal group has sold over 183 million records which, for obvious reasons, are unbeatable. They really are the greatest band that ever existed.

the rolling stones

Apart from a large successful group with successful performances, the group’s solo artists are also successful and great. The group began their musical journey in 1962 and of the five most lucrative tours, the group enjoys four. Much of their success is due to their exciting rock, soul and R&B music. For over sixty years, The Rolling Stones have continued to enjoy their fame as consistency is key, and recently won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album. With the release of their single, Love is Strong, they had effortlessly bemoaned the fact that a divine rock song can never fade. Unlike other bands who reportedly broke up after trivial bickering, this rock solid group has gone through such trouble having released 30 studio albums, 25 compilations, 23 live albums, 120 singles and have undertaken 48 tours so far. .

floyd rose

Even before David Gilmour teamed up to give the creative direction of this great rock band, Pink Floyd had already started creating a strong buzz on the British rock scene with their exceptional creations. Over the band’s six-decade career, they’ve released a total of 15 albums and toured tirelessly to support every musical release. Four of their albums topped the US and UK charts and two of their albums, The Wall and The Dark Side of the Moon, earned their names in the best-selling album lists of all time. The group even composed film scores for a few films and their dark tastes in music have always earned them a massive list of loyal fans around the world.

beach days

The Beach Boys who enjoyed the wave of fame for their Californian surf-rock sound quickly evolved their themes into something more personal, which drew more mature fans to the group. Progressing over time, their musical orchestrations and sound arrangements became more complex on a level that the band could not perform properly and faithfully on live stages. But what sets them apart from the rest even now is their vocal harmonies which are of absolute perfection. The fact that they continue to be one of the few groups to have achieved success even before the British invasion proves that they really are capable of doing great things. Also, this group is really spiritual which is reflected well in their lyricism. Even though the group has shared their fair share of ups and downs, they continue to dominate the hearts of many.

zeppelin led

The much loved and critically acclaimed group Led Zeppelin dominated hearts with their traditional rock sound and found success in 1976 with their breakout album titled Into the Great Wide Open. With certified sales of around $ 140.6 million, the group has played music ranging from blues-rock to folk-rock, with slight hints of hard rock as well. Their single Stairway to Heaven is arguably the most popular and influential song in rock history. Each of their concerts gathered massive crowds and broke all records, and their albums rank among the best-selling of all time. Their nine albums reached the top 10 and six reached number one on the charts. Having received all kinds of accolades, it is safe to say that the legacy they have built is everlasting.


Better to start off by saying that U2 just happens to be one of the best traditional rock bands to have recorded some of the best rock music so far. With a certified turnover of 110.3 million, the rock group which was formed by a group of team friends during high school quickly signed a recording contract in four years, and at by the time they released their fifth album, they had already become a worldwide sensation. So far, the group has won 22 Grammy Awards and the reason is very simple. It is said that the times the band gets bored or gets into some sort of controversy, they’ve chosen to revolutionize their sound. It’s their broad experimental sounds and the added benefit that qualifies them as one of the best around.


With their impressive pop sound and mod subculture influences, and more importantly, their penchant for rock opera, The Who has garnered huge appeal and maintains a certified sales figure of 27.8 million. Their tours have always been quite fascinating and thrilling, which in turn has contributed to the hype that their name enjoys. Besides their huge sound, the band made a significant contribution to the development of the Marshall stack, the use of great sound systems, the use of the synthesizer in rock, and even the power chords used on guitars. More than fans, they appreciate popularity among musicians for their influences. In addition, the group also started to use non-musical sounds like commentary, which are now followed by everyone.


Being one of the best rock bands of the 1990s, Nirvana has maintained a strong influence both on the pop scene and the music industry as a whole. Although they were in the limelight for only five years, their transformative element created a huge impact on the music scene. They were the ones who introduced grunge music with their groundbreaking album Nevermind and the video Smell Like Teen Spirit, which saw the band become a star in no time. Plus, they were the only second name of the decade to garner a billion views on YouTube. It was thanks to them that ripped jeans and flannel became an overnight thing. The name of the band was really worth it because they never failed to live up to their expectations. They were true musical geniuses with a strong flair for songwriting and an unmatched ability to shout on the sidelines. With a certified turnover of 52.3 million, it didn’t take long for them to collect all the music awards and was even included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the first year of their eligibility.

the doors

During their short period of 1965 to 1973, The Doors quickly grew into one of the most influential and discussed groups of the counter-culture era, mainly due to the abrupt and erratic behavior of Jim Morrison. With the release of their debut album, the band smoothly entered the Billboard charts and became one of the biggest hits of their career. One of the most fascinating facts about this group is that they were the first American group to win eight consecutive gold records, which speaks volumes about their value. It was in 2012 when the group released a new song called Breakn a Sweat and continues to maintain certified sales of 48.2 million.


Queen is one of those very rare bands that have surpassed themselves through their significant cultural influence and exceptional songwriting abilities that have left a societal impact. The group is said to retain a writing ability unmatched in rock history. With a certified turnover of 147.6 million, the group is gaining notoriety and success over time and has been touring and creating new music regularly since 1970. If you are attending a sporting event, be sure to hear their hymns. played hard. In addition, a biographical film was recently made about this formidable group. So far, Queen has released 15 albums and has surprisingly embarked on 21 tours to support releases.


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