Hartlepool Brewery’s new beer toasts the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and a classic punk rock tune

God Save The Queen, a four percent English pale ale, is named after the classic Sex Pistols single from 1977.

While the record was deemed controversial 45 years ago, Hartlepool Crafty Monkey Brewing Company insists the new beer is “a patriotic touch” ahead of next month’s royal milestone.

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Pat Garrett and Gary Olvanhill, owners of the Crafty Monkey Brewing Company, with bottles of the new God Save The Queen pale ale.

Gary Olvanhill, who founded the brewery with Pat Garrett in 2018 after the couple were made redundant from the oil industry, said: “We wanted a celebratory beer for the Jubilee and decided that a traditional lager would be England would be a patriotic touch.

“We wanted it to match the theme of our previous beers and decided to go with God Save The Queen.

“We liked the Sex Pistols record cover but decided to make our labels more respectful.

“The beer was definitely made in the best possible taste. There is no malice at all.

“It’s simply a refreshing, light and fruity beer to enjoy during the summer and to toast with the jubilee.”

While the previous 10 beers, which also toast Depeche Mode, OMD, Heaven 17, The Specials and The Smiths, were named after songs or bands the duo enjoy, Gary confesses: “I’m not really a huge Sex Pistols fan.

“It’s more a case of the song matching the theme.”

Since its launch earlier this month, the beer, which is also available on tap, has proven popular with Gary, 56, adding: “Normally with a new beer we would have produced two batches. So far with this we are up to four.

Hartlepool pubs that have already bought Good Save The Queen include the McCorville, Raby Arms, Marine Hotel and Hop and Cheese.

Beers from Crafty Monkey, which is based in a converted outhouse in Elwick, are available on its website at www.shop.craftymonkey.beer

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