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Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda – Cat Badra Story, Photo by Anne Erickson

Are the surviving Linkin Park members planning new music or touring together? Mike Shinoda responds

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington sadly passed away in 2017, and since then there have been a lot of rumors about a possible tour with the band’s surviving members or new music. Now, multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda sheds light on whether anything is in the works for Linkin Park, and it’s not promising.

Shinoda opened up about the future of Linkin Park during a Twitch livestream on Friday, April 22. During the session, he said there were no plans for live shows or new music from Linkin Park at this time. Watch a clip from the Twitch video below.

“The only Linkin Park news I have for you guys is… Yeah, we talk every few weeks…” he said in the livestream. “There are no tours, there is no music, there are no albums in the works. Let me tell you this. Just keep in mind that this does not happen. I’ll just say the same for now.

He added, “Every time the band says or does something, everyone tries to start the hype train. And we’re like ‘No, no, no, no. Don’t start the hype train. You will disappoint yourself.

The last time the surviving members of Linkin Park performed together was in 2017, when the band oversaw a Bennington tribute concert. Linkin Park has also not released new music since Bennington’s passing. Bennington’s previous band Gray Daze, however, released new music featuring Bennington’s vocals taken from old demo tapes.

Even without Linkin Park, Shinoda continues to make waves in the music industry. He was recently appointed Community Innovation Advisor for Warner Recorded Music.



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