New York band Bad Mary released punk-rock song and video “It’s All Trash”

New York’s Bad Mary just released their new music video for their upcoming song “It’s All Trash”, which was released on November 8th.e. Bad Mary is made up of lead singer Amanda Mac, with her husband Mike Staub on bass, her father Bill Mac on drums and her Hofstra University professor David Henderson on guitar. These four multi-generational equal parts continue to inspire each other with their distinct musical prowess and skills.

Asked about the song bassist Staub Explain, “This song is kind of a realization that despite a fancy label or the way we dress a lot of what we consume, a lot of it is still just…trash. I always wanted to deliver that message in our cheeky, bratty way, hence the 80s glam metal “oh yeahs” in the chorus. In the end, even Trash can be a lot of fun. It’s also, for me, one of our heaviest songs, which I like because it has a fun but aggressive vibe in it,” shares bassist Mike Staub.

Guitarist David Henderson explains that the video was shot in an abandoned mental institution, creating the perfect aesthetic for the song. “We shot the video in an abandoned psychiatric center. We had to hire a guide, Krispy DeRato, who knew his way around to help us find a good location to film. We had to go through dark, partially flooded tunnels filled with white mud and water drops to get there, it was honestly pretty rough, and if Krispy hadn’t led us we would definitely have gotten lost there. Once located, I just played the song on my phone and said, “OK, just do the Amanda dance around the building.” Amanda took off and owned the space, I pretty much followed her to make sure I had everything. It had rained the night before, so all the dripping and mud was part of the natural atmosphere of the place.

Around mid-December, the band plans to bring holiday cheer with the release of their EP “A Very Bad Christmas.” You won’t want to miss their avant-garde rock and punk versions of Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard High and Little Drummer Boy. Bad Mary’s songs have been a rotating staple on SiriusXM’s Underground Garage, but “It’s All Trash” really piqued their ears.

“Bad Mary just seems to constantly provide an endless stream of entertaining content. They’re an amazing group, and they seem like they’re having so much fun with everything they do.

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Bad Mary comes out

Bad Mary is from Long Island, but they rehearse at Kings Park. Band members Amanda and Bill are from Massapequa, Mike is from Hicksville. Currently David lives in Kings Park, Mike and Amanda are local to Huntington.

Their latest EP Trash and glamor will be released in early 2023. You can watch their weekly live stream on Twitch on Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST. To watch, click the link here.

Watch Bad Mary’s latest video for “It’s All Trash” below.

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