NEWS: Vietnamese-American indie-hyperpop artist Monét Ngo releases new album “After School Club”

After a series of highly anticipated singles, Vietnamese-American songwriter, producer and school teacher, Monét Ngo, has released his new album “After School Club”. Released via Unity Records, the new album recalls Monét Ngo’s feelings of feeling like a loser and being stuck on the sidelines. Expressing a deep and heartfelt meaning to its own coming-of-age story, After School Club is the next Hyperpop record you should know about.

With a raw mix of Indie-Rock style elements that mixes with Hyperpop, the new LP is fueled by the sounds of the 2000s era. Throughout, mellow guitar mixes of grunge-like chords and Distant reverbs are a frequent sound, though they have a unique presence with their ability to draw in hyperpop sounds from vocoders and fast drum beats. The first track ‘Summer Winds’ portrays a soft but contrasting side with an electronic punk section – fast guitar strums and energetic drum hits. Each track contains wide and powerful sound, all working together to give you a taste of the heartfelt experiences Monét Ngo has had. With ‘Real Ass Love Story’ you can hear broken down voice sections leaving voicemails on someone’s phone, demonstrating their clear and thoughtful attention to detail. The album is unique with its combination of Indie-pop and Hyperpop, a sound befitting the sunsets of Los Angeles.

Speaking on the new LP Monét Ngo Writes, “The After School club is a mixed bag, it’s basically an accumulation of experiences and lessons I’ve learned, in a collection of music. After a long day at work, there’s so much baggage to unload and your life to live. But here you are stuck in the After School Club. It’s a place to let it all out. All your emotions, good or bad, are there. The After School Club can be all you need. It’s a lesson, a second home, and above all it’s a place where you’re not alone.”

Monét Ngo’s After School Club is now available on all streaming platforms.

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