Nikki Sixx ‘didn’t hesitate’ when she was invited to ‘American Idol’

Nikki Sixx will be appearing on american idol in an episode broadcast this Sunday, March 20.

The reality show, now in its 20th season, hits the Sunset Strip in the latest round of auditions, with Sixx serving as an ambassador for the famed music scene.

“Listen, if anyone wants to hear about the stories of the Sunset Strip…” proclaims show judge Lionel Richie in the episode’s teaser video (see below), before pointing the finger at Motley’s bassist. Raw.

“It was great fun teaming up with american idol when the show returns to LA After all, Motley Crue is also from LA, and so many amazing songwriters call Los Angeles their ‘Home Sweet Home’,” Sixx explained in a statement to Billboard.

“Because of american idol many great, timeless classic songs have not only been reinterpreted by the next generation of talented singers, but have also been reintroduced to mainstream audiences and younger generations of music fans over the past two decades,” the rocker continued. “As a songwriter myself, it’s something I really appreciate, so when I was asked to appear on this Sunday’s episode, I didn’t hesitate.”

Sixx is no stranger to reality TV. The legendary bassist appeared in several episodes of LA inkas well as his teammate Tommy Lee’s short-lived series battlefield land. Appearances on Dr Phil, Piers Morgan Live, behind the music and a stint as a panelist on Hollywood Squares are among his other television credits.

Motley Crue are set to embark on the Stadium Tour alongside Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett from June.

american idol airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC and streams on Hulu.

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