NOFX will separate next year in 2023

NOFX will soon be gone.

The band’s frontman, Fat Mike, announced on social media that the band will be disbanding in 2023. In the comments section of an Instagram post on Wednesday, August 31, the vocalist and bassist announced the news, noting, next will be our last year. .”

The band themselves didn’t post an official breakup announcement on any social media platform, Fat Mike (aka Michael Burkett) was obviously sure about the band’s future which he let fans know.

After a fan commented that the hardcore band didn’t play much in Canada while on tour, Mike replied, “We actually love Canada, it’s just that next year will be our last year.” We will announce our final shows soon. It was an incredible race….

As fans started listening to the announcement, another social media user asked if the band would be performing in Los Angeles before disbanding. In response to this question, Mike replied, “Los Angeles will be the last place we play. This is where we started, this is where we will end.

Fans can check out the artists Instagram post in which he spoke about the breakup news.

Assuming the news is accurate, the band, which formed in 1983, will be disbanding after 40 years. Considering most bands don’t come out of their garages, that’s a pretty good run.

Currently, NOFX are still headlining their global Punk in Drublic festivals (fans can purchase tickets here through Ticketmaster).

NOFX’s last album, their 15th, was Single album in 2021.

Perhaps more news will come out of the group as the Fat Mike announcement spreads. Or maybe punk rockers will let the Instagram post linger, wishing it weren’t more formal than that.

In the video below, Fat Mike captioned, “Shaving and getting a haircut in Alaska! Today I land in Ketchikan…. Anyone wanna take me and my wife for a bike ride?

Check it here:

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