Philadelphia punk rock band Riverside Odds take on rock n roll’s greatest vices in ‘Blessings From The Devil’

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Published on November 17, 2022 |
by Marilyn Reles

From the insane stories of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons having the tongue of a cow to the satanic panic of Judas Priest inserting hidden messages into their songs, the devil is often portrayed as the puppeteer who moves the puppet of rock ‘n’ roll. ‘ roll. Now Riverside Odds is here to present its own intentional take. Hailing from Philadelphia’s burgeoning punk scene, Riverside Odds returns with a hard-hitting track that any visitor to rock n roll will identify with. “Blessings from the Devil” shares insight into some of the darker and more vicious elements of the rock n roll lifestyle through a unique lens of personal responsibility. Instrumentally energetic, the album explodes with blistering guitar riffs and lead vocals from original band member RW Hellborn, lead guitar from Matty Cobra, punchy bass from Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti, and Jorge Disguster’s intensity from the lines. captivating drum sets from The Hangmen (LIVE band includes G .Patrick Poli on bass & Ginger Knight on drums). Examples of vices displayed in their song lyrics include alcohol, smoking, and recreational drugs.

“Bless this bottle pressed between my lips, And bless these lines of cocaine that I take between each sip, Bless this smoke that fills my lungs. Am I too old to die young? ~ Devil’s Blessings

Whether playing songs about love and loss or challenge and decadence, Riverside Odds’ mission has remained the same: have fun playing rock n roll with friends. Founded by RW and Matty in 2013, the band embarked on their first US tour in 2016, supporting the popular V8 Wankers. They extended the tour into 2017 with another East Coast jaunt, followed by a pivotal year in 2018 when they were signed to Altercation Records. There they were greeted with the opportunity to play Camden, NJ’s Warped Tour and provide direct support to a growing number of international touring bands. With several successful tours and album releases under their belt, the band takes it up a notch with every effort and “Blessings from the Devil” certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Listen to “Blessings from the Devil on Spotify here.

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