Punk rock at the center of the Binghamton University Art Museum’s fall exhibition

The Binghamton University Art Museum reopens to the public with its autumn exhibition, “Now form a band” A punk exhibition in 3 chords. The exhibition opens with a reception from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, September 10. Come early at 4:30 p.m. for a talk by photographer Sheila Rock and collector Andrew Krivine.

The exhibition focuses on Krivine’s extensive collection of punk ephemera through three different homes: Jamie Reid and the Suburban Press; women and punk; and the fashions of the London punk scene seen through the BOY and SEX stores, also with photographs by Sheila Rock. The title of the exhibition is based on a 1977 drawing included in the first issue of Tony Moon’s Sideburns # 1 fanzine, originally created just to fill the zine space. Considered now as one of the iconic expressions of punk ethics, it was a push to do something. Moon notes, “You didn’t need to have been to music school or be particularly proficient or skilled. It was much more about the energy and motivation to do something. It is a rallying call for the troops.

The punk ethic has often operated from a position of provocation, and as such some content in this exhibit may not be suitable for all audiences.

For details on upcoming programming, including a punk movie series and community event, check out the Museum’s Events page and social media. In accordance with University guidelines, masks are mandatory for all visitors to the art museum.

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