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Rico might not seem like the most likely place to host a free punk rock show, but that’s exactly what will happen on Wednesday night, when Warsaw Poland Bros. and Telluride’s Punk Sux will perform at 9 p.m. at the Enterprise Bar & Grill.

A group of “slave ska” from Arizona, Warsaw Poland Bros. played in the historic bar several times over the years after current owner Brandy Randall approached the band about performing there.

“When she dangled the carrot, it was on the back burner, and I told her that next time we shoot in Colorado, I’ll use that as the routing date, so that’s what we’re doing,” explained vocalist and guitarist Crix Poland.

The band is currently on an 11-day, no-night tour of four states. Poland said tours had followed a similar pattern over the past decade, including some years when there would have been no live gigs. But that will change in the future, he added, as the band’s new album, “Rude Boy Recall”, is set to be released in early 2023.

“Of course, all bands are working on an album. This one is called “Rude Boy Recall”. It contains a bunch of new elements. We are proud of that,” Crix shared. “A little bit of news, I guess, is that people can expect to see us more just because. We’re going to put it on vinyl. We’re going to be touring more than we’ve had. We’re pretty much reactivated.

Known for their do-it-yourself philosophy since the band’s inception 32 years ago, Crix and his brother Aaron have helped produce the band’s releases ever since, but now that they no longer live together, the experience is different.

“Are you working on a flat note or a sharp note, which one is it? Everything becomes blurry, and then you don’t want to do it anymore, you abandon the project, then you come back to it. It’s like a war,” Crix explained. “The big difference is that my brother and I lived and toured together for just over 20 years. … We used to work together, but now we work separately.

But being in a band with his brother has its pros and cons, he added.

“Two things. The first thing that comes to mind is infuriating because they’ll never do what you ask. And if you tell them to do something, there can be a fight with spontaneous shit flying in the air,” Crix said. “The yin of the yang is that when you’re on the road and going to a new place that you’re unsure of or you don’t know, all those insecurities disappear if you are traveling with a family member. It’s like a group of people, a team, a tribe, a group of punk rockers. It takes away a bit of insecurity in the face of the unknown if you are traveling with your sibling. It almost makes you a bit more powerful as a human being. I know that sounds silly and simple, but it really is.

Playing such varied music also makes Warsaw Poland Bros. more powerful once they take the stage. That’s not necessarily what people expect, Crix said.

“So we play this Slavic ska, but it’s really confusing because our Slavic ska is peppered with Jamaican music with some Spanish in it. So it’s really confusing for Poles and some others sometimes, but most people give in and start dancing,” he added. “I’ve always loved reggae. … But there are no songs in Polish, only songs in Spanish and English, which takes people off guard.

The first time the band performed the Enterprise, a fan jumped on stage to sing along to Soft Cell’s rendition of “Tainted Love.” Caught off guard, Crix let the woman go, before realizing she had blowjobs. That fan was Roxy Cox, lead singer and guitarist of Punk Sux.

“The way I met them was the first time they were playing Enterprise, I went up and was super excited. They started playing ‘Tainted Love,’ and I hadn’t met them yet, and I just jumped up on stage and grabbed the mic and started singing,” she recalled. “Crix looked at me like, ‘I’m about to kill that girl,’ but after hearing me sing a few lines, it was like, ‘OK, she can really sing.'”

Roxy eventually opened for Warsaw Poland Bros. at the Enterprise with his former band Ho Fun Deluxe. She can’t wait to bring Punk Sux to Rico on Wednesday night.

“I’ve been to every show they’ve done at the Enterprise, and it’s always very energetic. They’re so much fun. I love the Rico people. They just come out and kick ass “, she said. “We feel really good. (Bassist) Mully and (drummer) Cueva are so great. They are such talented musicians. I’m happy to play with them.

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