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Well, it looks like punk rock isn’t dead after all, which was proven last night when Amyl and the Sniffers took the stage in San Francisco. With the swagger and guts of Wendy O Williams and Iggy Pop, the Australian-born band sold out two nights at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

Bustling with the enthusiasm and energy of a teenage girl, singer Amy Taylor navigated a setlist that included the fierce tracks “Balaclava Lover Boogie”, “Cup of Destiny” and “Freaks to the Front”. But it didn’t stop there as the platinum blonde and her team of sonic bandits presented the crowd with an assortment of the best songs from their ever-growing discography. Inflatable soccer balls bounced through the air, sweat was ejected and moshpits ensued. It was a real punk rock show. The genuine kind. It’s not what you can make up.

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