Punk rock luminaries unplugged Wednesday at Valhalla

Wednesday’s Valhalla Boathouse show is positively Loud as Folk.

Punk rock luminaries Vic Ruggiero, Lauren Napier and Kepi Ghoulie will perform with host Spike McGuire, an event that was postponed a year ago due to nearby wildfires.

“I thought we missed our only chance to get those three stars, but we did it again,” said McGuire, who will be bringing his monthly Reno-based acoustic anthology to Valhalla Tahoe for the second time.

“With Loud as Folk, you never know exactly what it’s going to be and that even extends to me,” McGuire said. “Vic and Lauren and Kepi are all very close friends and have been for a long time, so I was keen to leave the format of this show open.

“There are so many common characteristics between punk music and folk music, chord structures, lyrical content and emphasis on community.”

Inspired by the Beat Generation, Ruggiero is best known for his New York ska and soul band The Slackers, who have a new album, “Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya” topping the charts. It’s such a singular achievement that Billboard called The Slackers a “new artist,” reminding people never to trust a magazine to define a band over 30 years old.

Formed in 1992, The Slackers brought an edge to the carefree grassroots ska movement, with messages more in line with conscious reggae. The band toured with Bay Area punks Rancid, a band with which Ruggiero later performed and recorded.

Ruggiero often performed with Napier, songwriter, model and journalist.

Ruggiero and Napier recorded volume 6 of McGuire and Greg Gilmore’s Loud as Folk Record Club sessions during the Covid live show lockdown.

“(Napier) is a very cool Renaissance woman with all kinds of artistic pursuits,” McGuire said.

Kepi ​​Ghoulie is the constant member of the horror movie-inspired group, the Groovie Ghoulies.

“The Groovie Ghoulies have cult fame,” McGuire said. “Kepi is a ball of energy who writes really fun songs. His favorite band of all time is the Ramones and it comes through clearly in his writing.

Valhalla notes: After a reduced 2021 season, Valhalla Tahoe is in full swing. The Tahoe Improv Players perform Tuesday, August 2 at the Boathouse Theater. There will be Boathouse shows on Wednesday nights every week in August… The parking area is expanding from 32 to 73 spaces. The project is expected to be completed on August 25. … On Sunday, Red Dirt Ruckus played upbeat brass music on the Grand Lawn. The ensemble, whose core formed at New Mexico State University, contains tuba and trumpet as well as violin, acoustic guitar, electric bass and drums. The original songs have a familiar flavor, even to new listeners, and are highlighted by bassist Dan “Mad Monk” Abbott, whose voice is exceptional. His jokes are OK. … The performance was twice delayed by rain. The large local audience was fearless and most stayed for the entire show. …used to replacing the shear pin on a snowblower in a blizzard, packing and evacuating due to a wildfire, and even waiting so long for a slow-moving intersection sidewalk project to be completed. over that the “Y” changes to a “Z”, South Lake Tahoe folks have no problem hanging around until a storm passes.

-Tim Parson

Loud as Folk: Lauren Napier, Vic Ruggiero, Kepi Ghoulie, Spike McGuire
7:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 3
Where: Valhalla Boathouse Theater, Tallac Historic Site, South Lake Tahoe
Tickets: $35 LINK

Red Dirt Ruckus entertains Valhalla Tahoe with brass music.

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