Punk Rock & Paintbrushes celebrates life through art

(KERO) – Sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs at you. This is the case of Emily Nielsen, founder of Punk Rock & Paintbrushes.

23ABC spoke with Nielsen about the collective’s debut and their upcoming women’s art exhibit on March 5 in Long Beach.

The art collective was founded after Nielsen battled cancer.

“It was a happy accident…I went into remission from cancer in 2007. When I went into remission I did a painting, and I’m not a painter, with a friend of mine who sings for Rise Against, Tim McIlrath So we made this piece of art that’s a green ribbon for my survival and Tim painted these lyrics on a song called “Survive” It was really important to me for this whole adventure and this experience fighting cancer. And once we did it, someone had the idea to keep doing it and thought it would be a great idea to auction off that piece. I don’t didn’t and it’s actually on my wall..” Nielsen said.

“We actually painted it in Australia where I used to live and we met way too many years ago at the Warped Tour. We created an event called Rock Against Cancer. We worked with people affected by the cancer and ribbons and musicians who painted lyrics on top of the Low and behold, many musicians I had approached to be part of this project told me that they too were visual artists and that they wanted to create art for Rock Against Cancer, so they came forward and started creating these works of art.

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes has a diverse cast of artists ranging from Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio, Blink-182), Jim Lindberg (Pennywise), Warren Fitzgerald (The Vandals) to Chali2NA (Jurassic 5/solo artist) to skate legends Matt Hensley and Steve Caballero. Not to mention the extremely talented artists Jennie Cotterill (Bad Cop / Bad Cop), Sara Rose and Soma Snakeoil.

Some of their art is available for buy from Punk Rock & Paintbrushes website as well as their 200 page table book. There are also short biographies of some of the artists who are part of the collective.

Still, the best way to buy and learn about these and many other artists not listed on their website is to attend an exhibition or art show.

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes is hosting a women’s art exhibition in Long Beach on Saturday, March 5. The all-day event at Alex’s Bar begins at 1 p.m. and lasts until 10 p.m. In addition to art, there will be DJ sets and live bands.

“When we started the collective, there were mostly male artists. There was a mention in the press about it that we had mostly male artists and that affected me. I thought ‘gosh, we’ve need to have more women’ many years ago to showcase the talent of these women.. Some of them I met through their husbands who are professional musicians. love showcasing them because instead of their husband being in the spotlight, it puts them in the spotlight. I think that’s really important because we want to make sure their talent comes through.

“…I’m helping these two artists in particular because two of our artists are living in Ukraine and they’re seeking refuge here right now. They can’t send their art and they can’t send anything because of the current situation. Wasn’t a plan. They just made a video for Jim [Lindbergh of Pennywise] which was the last piece of art they did before it all started overseas. And I was like ‘do we do this?’ And asked them, as they are safe in Spain at the moment, are we doing this art exhibition with them? And it’s like absolutely! That’s what it’s about. We need to shine a light on what they are doing and what these girls are surviving…

“We have another woman on the show. She has done a few shows with us. And I contacted her a few weeks ago about the show. I found out she was in a very deep coma She’s been in a coma for a month…I’m kind of like, ‘I think we’re doing the right thing here.’ I think we have to keep going. The woman who’s in a coma, we’re making it happen. We’re getting her art back from her house and her friends are getting together to get everything for her. She can’t be there and she can’t be there with his art. But his art will be there. And it’s just a reminder that we have to do this.

Be sure not to miss the Women’s Art Exhibit in Long Beach on Saturday, March 5.

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes celebrates life through art

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