Punk Rock Social by Blue Note to celebrate the diversity of the punk community

OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — It’s nothing new for a musical genre to be carved up into sub-genres and sub-sub-genres, becoming more and more niche and exclusive throughout, but it’s hard to think of a more compartmentalized style than punk.

The umbrella term “punk rock” covers a vast ground these days, from pop-punk, crust-punk, d-beat, ska and far too many more to count, all connected only by certain common ancestors. and a “hard and tough” sharing. rapid philosophy”.

It’s still unusual to see these styles combined on a concert poster or compilation, especially considering the wide gap between the brutal and aggressive hardcore punk styles and the much more melodic, even traditional pop-punk.

But it all comes to a head on Saturday September 24th when OKC’s historic and newly revamped Blue Note hosts its first-ever festival event in the form of Punk Rock Social, bringing these different styles and cultures together to foster true punk. community for our city.

The Killings performing at the Blue Note (provided)

It’s the brainchild of Blue Note talent buyer and On Holiday drummer Jon Jackson, who is also throwing the party as a musical birthday bash for himself.

“It’s actually the second Punk Rock Social,” Jackson told me, “but it’s all been brewing for a while.”

Jackson kicked off the first social as a similar anniversary event in 2019, intending to start a new annual tradition before the pandemic puts a toll on everyone’s plans.

Now that the new Note is in full swing, and now that Jackson is handling the booking himself, he saw a perfect opportunity to bring together the various punk scenes he loves under one roof to celebrate the vast underground culture from the city.

“I’ve always listened to all kinds of punk, and just all kinds of heavy music,” Jackson said. “I know everyone listens to more than one genre of music. People do that, but that’s never how shows seem to get booked. And so this is something that we’ve been talking about a lot lately at the Note, we’re intentionally going to start booking different types of acts together.

This desire to see a much larger and more supportive punk scene goes back to the very different and heavily isolated cliques that Jackson saw growing up as a young punk.

“I started going to punk shows in the late 90s,” he said. “They could be violent, and the bands were very competitive and could be very chauvinistic. It was toxic. I loved the music, but the scene was crazy. And that’s why it’s designed to be Social Punk Rock, because I’m literally trying to get punk bands all to come together and normally wouldn’t.

The level of subgenre diversity Jackson intended is clear at the top of the bill with headliners Inferna and When the Clock Strikes listed side by side.

Inferna is a wacky, explosive hardcore act that unleashes ultra-political anger and boundless screaming energy. When the Clock Strikes is a relentlessly catchy pop-punk number inspired by the colorful punk skaters of the early 2000s.

“We’ve got the heaviest of punk rock bands and we’ve got the most pop of punk rock bands,” Jackson said, “and those are my two headliners.”

It might not seem like there’s much overlap, but both bands play loud, fast punk rock, and perhaps more importantly, both are respected leaders in their scenes.

Gyro robot
Blue Note Gyro Robo (provided)

“It was all intentional,” he explained. “We have everything from hardcore street punk to punk-and-roll to an easycore band. It’s really about getting these groups to socialize.

He especially wanted to include bands from surrounding communities, including four bands from Tulsa and even one from Wichita, to hopefully help expand OKC’s position in the regional and national punk scenes.

Unsurprisingly, the entire event is at least somewhat centered around Jackson’s own band, On Holiday, with even poster art highlighting their alien persona, drawn by Jackson’s wife.

On holiday
On vacation (provided)

He clarifies, however, that even though he planned and organized the event, he never intended to bring it to light, or even have his band headline it. On Holiday will be just another entry into this larger musical community, helping to create space for punks of all stripes to rise up and prove that there is so much more that unites these styles than divides them.

“I gave myself a pretty sweet spot, though,” he admitted with a laugh. “I mean, it’s my birthday.”

Blue Note’s Punk Rock Social kicks off at 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 24 and features ten bands performing all night long.

For tickets, full lineup and more information, visit okcbluenote.com.

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