Reinventing American fusion with a rich and sensual mix of rhythms: the Bossa Nova Beatniks amaze with their new album

Accentuating their idiosyncratic style, Bossa Nova Beatniks’ latest album, “The-BnB-Show” is an anthem for all time.

An addictive blending taste American Fusion contemporary music, the Bossa Nova Beatniks are a prolific musical phenomenon. Rooted in Huntington, New York, the eclectic, multi-genre collective boasts a number of catchy tracks and Eps to their name, having released 17 CDs to date.

Notable for their moving and memorable lyricism, as well as their creative themes and character, the Bossa Nova Beatniks continue to captivate with their original compositions. The band’s latest album, ‘The-BnB-Show’ mark their very first vinyl LP, with a revitalizing and original new take on the genre.

A talented group of artists, the Bossa Nova Beatniks played their first concert at the Village Gate on Bleecker Street in Manhattan in the 90s. Since then, the group has continued to captivate audiences in and around the tri-state area, performing performing at notable venues such as CBGB, The Bitter End, The Nightingale Bar and a myriad of other clubs and festivals.

With their contagious and refreshing energetic mixes, the Bossa Nova Beatniks produce musical fusions that are thought-provoking, captivating and captivating. Band members include several talented individuals from NYRMA (NY Roots Music Association) including Chris James of R&B band, ‘The Hideaways on Guitar’, Sven Bilberrman on bass, Mike Staub and Amanda Mac of Rockin’ Long Island Punk, vocalist “Bad Mary”, Pat Giles on drums, as well as Bossa Nova Beatnik founder Tom Gould on acoustic guitar and vocals.

With its signature instinctive tropical musical vibe, underscored by the alluring appeal of the band’s signature production, “The-BnB-Show” is set to become a hit with audiences. The whole album was organized by six people playing exactly as they do on stage, without any additional instruments or tools.

Few musicians exhibit a chemistry like the artists of the Bossa Nova Beatniks, and their thrilling new album offers just a glimpse into their enigmatic minds.

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Exuding a fresh, organic and viscerally enjoyable vibe, the eclectic musical group Bossa Nova Beatniks is the brainchild of singer-guitarist Tom Gould. The Bossa Nova Beatniks were born in Greenwich Village in 1992 and have performed in and around the New York area ever since, making an impact with their striking musical compositions.

Embracing the mantra of “getting inspiration from everything”, the fantastic artists behind the band have continuously composed tracks that are experimental, unique and inherently out of the box. Writing their lyrics and producing their work from a home studio, the dynamic group remain on the lookout to collaborate with like-minded artists and produce engaging and sensational melodic compositions across all genres.





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Company Name: Bossa Nova Beatniks
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Town: New York City
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Country: United States

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