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Get ready for an ‘evolution of the sound’ of Shinedown.

This is how the frontman Brent Smith Describes the group’s seventh upcoming studio, the sequel to 2018’s WARNING WARNING.

“It’s not like any of the other six,” Smith told ABC Audio. “It’s a novelty.”

Smith adds that the record is “super dense, but everything is direct”.

“There aren’t tons of layers of soundscapes,” he explains. “Not a lot of orchestration, not a ton of synths, not a ton of layers and layers and layers of guitars and those opera vocals and putting all those vocal parts together.”

If you’re worried that Shinedown is straying too far out of the way, Smith assures us that the record is “still us, one thousand percent”, while adding that it features “a much drier mix overall.”

“He’s got a lot of strength up front,” says Smith. “So the vocals are great in your face, the guitars are great in your face, the bass textures are great in your face, the drums… everything is really direct. “

He adds, “It’s certainly not a sound we made that I can think of that is necessarily close to any of the other records. The song structures are still there with us, like the way we do things, but it’s a lot more punk rock.

The new album is slated for release in 2022. In the meantime, you can watch the new one WARNING WARNINGfilm, which connects the videos of each song from this recording into a narrative film.

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