Steven Van Zandt names the most important American band in history

E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt recently posted a tweet to express his love for The Byrds, evoking their great importance in the history of music as an American group.

Steven Van Zandt enjoys spending his free time on social media when he’s not busy working on music. Primarily on his Twitter, Van Zandt interacts with his fans, alerting them to the political state of America, and sharing thoughts with them about other artists and the music scene in general.

In a recent tweet, Steven Van Zandt made a list of the best american bands in the history of music after receiving a tweet about the Byrds. Van Zand included bands like the Byrds in this list. However, after receiving negative comments on his list, Van Zandt deleted this tweet. The guitarist then clarified that it was a list of American bands, not American bands.

One of his fans replied to his tweet saying that the band was great, but it was the band of Robbie, a Canadian musician. Also, referring to Van Zandt’s statement that it was an American list, he sarcastically said that Van Zandt would have made a great lawyer with this “loophole”. After these reactions, the guitarist decided to delete the tweet.

Seeing this, another fan of his told Van Zandt not to let Twitter win because it’s his roster and picks. However, Van Zandt argued that it was his fault as he should have just talked about the Byrds rather than making a list. He then said that the Byrds are America’s largest band in history, not to mention the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

After seeing Steven Van Zandt’s list, one of his fans tweeted the following:

“Come on man, Levon was great, but that was Robbie’s band. But yes, while having fun. I like the “American” loophole, ha. You probably would’ve made a great lawyer if all that Rock ‘n’ Roll stuff hadn’t worked out. What about your friend Nils’ time with Crazy Horse? »

After that, Van Zandt said:

“There are too many to manage; I delete it. And yes, Robbie was the lead author, but it wasn’t Robbie’s band (he’s a friend), and he’d be the first to tell you, and does in his book, that Levon provided the essential identity of the group. His life, his story, his voice.

Another of his fans then tweeted:

“I don’t think you should delete your list. It’s your list, your choice, and it’s America! Don’t let Twitter win.

Van Zandt replied:

“No, it was my fault. He just asked about the Byrds; I should have stuck with that. If we don’t count the Jimi Hendrix experience, for me, the Byrds are America’s largest band in history. Right ahead of the Beach Boys because they showed the potential scope of the new art form.

You can check out the tweets below.

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