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Artist’s rendering of the small CENTAURI-5 satellite designed for use in the energy, utility and resource industries. Image courtesy of Terran Orbital.

Terran Orbital Corporation (NYSE: LLAP) ordered the Space fleet CENTAURI-5 payload that provides machine to machine (M2M) and internet of things (IoT) connectivity to ground terminals and is an enhanced version of onboard payloads on CENTAURI-3 and CENTAURI-4.

Fleet Space Technologies enlisted Tyvak International SRL, a wholly-owned international subsidiary of Terran Orbital, to design, build and integrate the small 6U satellite weighing 12 kg. Mission operations are now shared between Terran Orbital and Fleet Space, as the LEO satellite brings new capabilities to the existing Fleet Constellation and the future Alpha Constellation. Both constellations are operated by Fleet Space in conjunction with Terran Orbital.

Specific upgrades included in the CENTAURI-5 payload include radiation mitigation enhancements in LEO, direct communications links to Fleet Space ground station as well as an extended S-band range that allows uplink at standard ground station frequencies. Digital beamforming provides additional gain, increasing data throughput, while also allowing S-band frequency channels to be reused across different beams. This combination increases the data capacity of the satellite by 2.6 times. The all-metal patch antennas are all fully 3D printed – a world first.

Fleet’s constellation is set to become one of the world’s most advanced low-power satellite networks, ensuring global coverage for IoT devices using the company’s in-house Smallsat technology. The satellites within the constellation will each perform a specific function. CENTAURI-5 will focus on improving data transfer and communication in the energy, utilities and resource sectors.

Terran Orbital is delighted to continue its collaboration with Fleet Space Technologiessaid Terran Orbital co-founder, president and CEO, Mark Bell. “We are grateful to Fleet Space for entrusting us with the creation of their one-of-a-kind satellite. The data collected by CENTAURI-5 will change the way people communicate about the energy, utility and resource industries. Terran Orbital looks forward to continuing its partnership as we work alongside Fleet Space to ensure the continued success of CENTAURI-5’s mission and the greatest success of the constellation..”

Centauri 5 is the start of the most powerful low-power constellation in spacesaid co-founder and CEO of Fleet Space Technologies, Flavia Tata Nardini. “We are writing world history through digital beamforming and 3D printing of our microsatellites. Our constellation will provide connectivity to all regions of our globe and is already playing a major role in discovering the minerals critical to the energy transition that will enable a future of clean air mobility. We are proud to work with Terran Orbital to provide global connectivity and provide much more sustainable and cost-effective routes to solve some of our planet’s most pressing challenges..”

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