The Best Realtor Guide Awards: And the Winners Are…

Yesterday at the EA Masters, the winners of the Best Estate Agent Guide Awards were announced.

All real estate and rental agencies in the country, 15,000 brands, were included in the assessment.

A total of 2,230,000 sale “triggers” and 1,777,000 rental “triggers” were considered (a “trigger” includes new instructions, price reductions, retired properties, agreed sales or rentals , chess and exchanges/rentals).

This mammoth review was put together by TwentyEA.

About 1/3 of brands that made the initial “cut” went on to receive a full marketing assessment and mystery shop (both exercises conducted by independent specialist firms that were commissioned by EA Masters).

The Top 5% of real estate agents received a Gold Award, and those who receive one for sales and rentals can claim to be in the Top 2% in the country. From this elite group, the following rewards have been announced by branch number / size bracket:


1 – Living space

2-5 – Stow Brothers

6-20 – Ocean

21+ – Bradleys

National – EweMove


1 – Revilo

2-5 – Sawdye and Harris

6-20 – Ashtons

21+ – Pierre Alan

National – EweMove

Combined sales and rentals

1 – JD Gallagher

2-5 – Sawdye and Harris

6-20 – Hackney and Leigh

21+ – Bradleys

National – EweMove

The overall trophy winners are:

Sales – Living space

Rentals – Ashtons

Sales and rentals – JD Gallagher

Lancaster-based JD Gallagher won the coveted best agent award for combined sales and rentals. This is the second time in a row that they have been recognized for this award after winning the same award last year.

The Top EA Vendor Awards, sponsored by Kerfuffle, were also announced during the EA Masters. They’re also ranked by size and based on votes from real estate agents who actually use their services.


Bronze – Integral

Silver – Stephen Brown

Gold – Agent Response


Bronze – (Joint) Dawsons, Acaboom Squad

Money – Good

Gold – Inventory Hive


Bronze – Simply Convey

Silver – Landmark (Common), InventoryBase

Gold – Street Group

The big winner of the trophy and best EA supplier of the year is Street Group.

The EA Masters is the event of the year for real estate agencies with over 1,000 leading agents and suppliers attending the one-day conference, exhibition and awards ceremony.

OnTheMarket are the main partners, and their CEO, Jason Tebb, gave an impassioned speech highlighting how OnTheMarket offers an ever-growing number of products and services to enable real estate agents to improve their service delivery to movers.

Sarah Kemp, EA Masters Event Director, commented, “There is no other evaluation more comprehensive and rigorous, so the winners are truly the best realtors and suppliers in the country.”

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