The legendary TONY HAWK joins the Punk Rock supergroup on a new pair of singles!

Everyone knows that skateboarding and punk rock go together, like ramps and scraped knees or mohawks and denim jackets. Legendary professional skateboarder Tony Hawk clearly understands this, as evidenced by the stellar punk rock bands that appear on his hit series of video games, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, now in its 20th iteration. Bands like The Ataris, The Suicide Machines, Dead Kennedys, The Vandals and more add energy and attitude to the game’s digital environment, inspiring players to perform crazy kicks and slides bold!

Now Tony Hawk is stepping into the spotlight for his first tour as the leader of punk rock! Hawk joins the legendary punk rock supergroup, Punk Rock Karaoke for their first single. Punk Rock Karaoke with Circle Jerks/Bad Religion Guitarist Greg Hetsondrummer Darrin Pfeiffer (formerly of Goldfinger), Pennywise’s Randy Bradbury and the Dickies Stan Leehas been a SoCal staple since 1996 and is now releasing its first single with the help of Hawk which strings together two classics – “In The City” by The Jam and “Neat Neat Neat!” from The Damned!

Stream/download the single:

Hawk had this to share about the release: “I was honored to have been chosen to sing these iconic songs with such legendary musicians. The Jam and The Damned were two of my favorites growing up, so if my singing career ends with that 7″, it was worth it.

Order the 7″:

In the city

Neat Neat Neat

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