The meteoric rise of a wild Australian punk rock band

“The first album, for myself, I wasn’t very good,” Romer laughs. “But with years of touring, playing the same songs over and over again, we’ve improved a lot. It’s a bit natural … and rhythmically, it was going to be more technical and advanced than before.

The first new track on the album, Guided by the angels, was released in early July and second single Security follow up later this month. a mind blowing clip for the equally strong track Hertz was released this week. Guided by the angels just snuck into the band’s live set at the end of 2019 and there have only been a handful of shows since.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic ended live music, Amyl and the Sniffers were on a meteoric rise here and abroad. After being signed to UK label Rough Trade Records – becoming stable companions to California rock band Starcrawler and English duo Sleaford Mods among others – the group embarked on a whirlwind touring program.

Having cut their teeth in Melbourne pubs and aboard Australia’s once-exceptional festival circuit, Amyl and the Sniffers have performed around 200 shows across Britain, Europe and America.

“I remember opening for the Cosmic Psychos at the Corner [in Melbourne] and thinking ‘f — we’re huge, it’s amazing’ and then a few years later we sell the Corner, ”Taylor said. “How the hell do we sell the Corner?” It’s huge, you know.

The cover art for Amyl and the Sniffers’ new album, Comfort To Me.

Between their first support shows and the release of Comfort for me the band performed at South By South West in Austin, Texas, performed twice at the Meredith Music Festival, and made friendships with many bands here and abroad. One of those bands is Sydney’s band COFFIN, with whom they were set to perform concerts in America in 2020.

“I think COFFIN had an influence on me,” Taylor said. “I love the way their lyrics fit into a political landscape. I love their words. They are also very nice people, they are like our sister group in Sydney. And we all love Cosmic Psychos. When we started, a small handful of bands that we all agreed on were Cosmic Psychos and they took us on our first Australian tour… they took care of us, took us under their wing.

Sleaford Mods also had a lyrical influence on Taylor and she helped singing their recent song. Poke.

“I am a very big fan of Jason [Williamson] and André [Fearn] from Sleaford. I love their music, I’m very vocal about it and they just asked me [to sing on Nudge It]. I kind of admire Jason… and I like them to criticize things. “


A less obvious star Taylor admires is Dolly Parton, an artist whom she says she “would probably be made fun of if she were an Australian musician” simply because she likes to be so flamboyant.

“Me, like millions of people, I appreciate [idea of] “I’m an artist, I want to act, I want to wear costumes, I want to be entertaining” and I think that’s a really positive thing.

“I feel like that a lot too, I want to entertain, I want to be entertaining, but there aren’t that many in Australia… the closest thing to that is probably Sophie Monk.”

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