The next creation of the American group Working Class Hussys, “White Lady”, is full of positive vibes

Author: Jennifer Stone

Prominent heavy hook rock band Working Class Hussys presents a powerful rhythmic saga through their upcoming composition, “White Lady”, which will be released on July 1st.

Big Fang American Rock Band working class hussys is about to release another amazing new track, ‘White Lady’ on the various streaming platforms on July 1st. The song features the signature soaring vocals of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ian Patrick Gentles and the uplifting melodic backdrop forming a brilliant acoustic masterpiece. Powerful instrumental riffs mingle with Patti Crowell’s background vocals in perfect harmony, taking the track to a new level of sonic greatness. The fun and heartwarming lyrical illustration will be able to penetrate the heart of the audience who lingers long in the air.

Led by Ian Patrick Gentles, the group working class hussys gives the best performance in their next single, ‘White Lady’. Scheduled to be released on July 1, the track features rugged yet addictive vocals, gritty guitar riffs and thought-provoking lyrics. The song is meant to improve your mood and get rid of all your daily life worries. The use of Heartland, Southern and Alt-Rock influences are prominent in the song, accurately telling the stories of hardworking people. The vintage resonance of their songs takes listeners back to the 90s. Follow them on their website, Spotify, Facebookand instagram to learn more about the next release.

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