The “next phase” of Blink-182 in preparation?

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus hinted at the “next phase” of the group.

Pop-punk fans everywhere are probably getting curious and excited.

Now that Hoppus’ relationship with the band’s Tom DeLonge is “actually better than it was,” the band may be in store for a new chapter.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Hoppus opened up about his recent recovery from cancer, as well as rebuilding his relationship with DeLonge and the band’s drummer, Travis Barker. Hoppus says the group is in “a really great place right now.”

He explained, “It was the first time the three of us had been in the same room in about five years.”

There was a meeting, informal, to sort things out. It all started before he started “brutal” chemotherapy treatments for stage 4 lymphoma in 2021.

Hoppus added: “It’s actually better than before. There was no agenda. There were no lingering grudges. It came down to what it should be: three friends sitting in a room. »

Now with a new, rejuvenated positive outlook, Hoppus says, “I continue to write music and am open to the next phase of Blink. I am hopeful for the future. I’m just damn happy to be here.

Hoppus, who announced his cancer diagnosis last summer, said at the time that he had been undergoing chemotherapy for three months. DeLonge offered his support, and the two began to mend their own relationship, which had previously been strained.

In 2019, DeLonge said he had talked about joining the band. And two years later, he and Hoppus reunited on an episode of Hoppus’ podcast, radio after school. Previously, they had gone five years without speaking to each other.

Now, it looks like the original trio are back. What the next chapter will contain, however, is anyone’s guess. We’re just glad Hoppus is feeling better.

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