Top 9 Judges Song Contest Results!

the american idol The Top 11 will become a Top 9 in tonight’s episode. This is the first LIVE COAST TO COAST broadcast on a Monday night. This means that the show will be simulcast in ET/CT/MT/CT time zones. VOTING begins at 8 p.m. ET and ends after the last commercial break. At the end of the show, the host Ryan Seacrest will announce the Top 9 on Monday’s show.

There is a special touch tonight. Each of the judges – Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan – chose a song for each of the top 11. Each candidate will choose a song from 3 choices. Tonight’s theme is “Judges Song Contest”. The judge with the most songs chosen WINS.

In the meantime, TWO other competitors leave the competition this evening.

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Just under 18 million votes last night! Contestants received three songs, but were unsure which judge chose it.

Voice coaches mentor candidates this week. Some familiar faces: India Carney participated in season 8 of The Voice, while Adriana McPhee is At Katharine McPhee’s sister.

Nicolina Bozzo

Since You Left by Kelly Clarkson – Nicolina chose it because it resonates with the message. She and her mother are breaking up. The song starts low for her. This song is NOT a vocal showcase. It’s fun, but it takes a lot of shouting. Even when Kelly sings it SO MUCH SHOUTING and HELLING. It was his worst performance to date.

Nicolina thinks Katy chose her song. She does not have. Lionel Richie chose the song. “I wanted fire from you…you lit up the room,” he said. “It was fun seeing you from that angle,” Luke said. He compared it to punk rock. “You showed us something different,” Katy says.

Mike Parker

Chasing You by Morgan Wallen – Mike wants to be the person who brings together two communities in the country. He’s a bit irritable. But again tonight, he feels comfortable in his new campaign shoes. He adds a little growl on the chorus. The group is too loud! The ending is the best part.

Mike thinks Luke chose the song. And he’s right. Luke Bryan chose the song. Mike liked the jacket Luke wore last night on the show. Now the judge offers it to him. “It’s designed for beer casing.” Luke says, “He did his own thing on it.” Lionel loved making his song out of it. “Loved the vibe…you gave us show business. Katy says, ‘You parked that car so well.’

Fritz Hager

Wonderwall by Oasis – He likes lyrics and relates to them. The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” was a choice. I would love to hear him sing that! Still, Fritz does nice, subtle things with the melody. The original is pretty heartbreaking. But Fritz adds another layer of longing and angst. I love that. He begins the last chorus with a whisper, builds and ends with a sigh. Handsome.

Fritz thinks Katy chose the song. Oh, she chose “God only knows”. She says “I’m a Californian”. Luke Bryan chose the song! WOW WOW WOW. I didn’t think his musical knowledge was so deep. He jammed the song with his band? Whodhunk it. Katy gushed that Fritz turned the song on its head.

Christian Guardian

I am not the first of Sam Smith – After considering “For Once In My Life”, by Stevie Wonder, Christian leaves with Sam Smith. Good choice. Christian reminds me Elliot Yamin. But Elliott knew perfectly how to formulate a song without oversinging. That said, this rendition is solid and should keep Christian in the game for another week.

Christian thinks Luke chose the song. He does not have. Katy Perry chose the song. This is his first point on the board. She likes that the song has both soul and gospel. “Sam Smith is the GOAT,” she says. Luke calls it “amazing…you have to go out without a mic stand and really believe you’re awesome”. Lionel calls it “special… you turned Sam’s song into your song”.

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