US band Eagles of Death Metal survived Paris concert hall shooting


Of the six venues of violence in the Friday night attacks in Paris, the deadliest was at the Bataclan Concert Hall, where assailants armed with automatic weapons fired at spectators while American rock band Eagles of Death Metal were on stage .

All of today’s reports from the family of group members say the group was able to escape the Bataclan unscathed. Emily Dorio, wife of the drummer Julien dorio, who was on tour with the band in place of the founding member Josh Male – [told the Washington Post] ( that Julian “has called saying he loved me and was safe. Everyone on stage was able to come down. Emilie too [told NBC News] ( that “everyone on stage managed to get out and that he and other members of the group went to a police station. Julian’s brother Michael told CNN the group “heard the gunshots before they saw anything” and “the whole group got out as fast as they could.”

Frontman and co-founder of the group Jesse Hugues spoke to his brother after the group managed to exit the Bataclan and to a nearby police station. Jesse’s brother David posted news about Jesse and the safety of the group on Facebook.

The attackers reportedly killed dozens of spectators before a police raid on the scene. Some police officers were also killed in the operation.

Person working with group killed, “people with knowledge of the situation” say as reported by the Los Angeles Times, while another person working with the group was shot dead. After the attacks and a subsequent siege by police, at least 100 people died in the concert hall, including the two gunmen.

The Eagles of Death Metal were formed in 1998 by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, the latter member of the group Queens of the Stone Age. The name is intentionally ironic – what would a cross between the Eagles and a death metal band look like? – because the band has more of a bluesy-garage-rock sound. The group was touring Europe in support of their first album in seven years.


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