US group Power Trip hits Manila with mega-watt performance

Texas crossover thrash metal band Power Trip

MANILA – One of America’s most acclaimed bands of the past decade hit Manila last Sunday.

Texas thrash metal crossover band Power Trip put on a mega watt performance in a production by promoter Sleeping Boy Collective on February 9 at 123 Block.

The crowd of 300 people – including several Danish tourists – who filled the room left tired, sweaty and stunned. In fact, some had to sit in the middle of their raucous set to rest or take a water break. It was so intense.

And the Dallas, Texas-based band is known only for that – their mix of hardcore punk and thrash metal to accompany their live gigs. They have released two critically acclaimed albums over the past decade: “Manifest Decimation” in 2013 and “Nightmare Logic” in 2017. In between these two albums, the band also released a few long-running albums.

Along with American bands such as Deafheaven and Vampire Weekend, Power Trip is one of the most beloved and popular bands of the past decade. Their appeal is such that the best rock groups have often invited Texas thrashers on their tours, opening them up to new audiences.

Power Trip – singer Riley Gale, guitarists Blake Ibanez and Nick Stewart, drummer Chris Ulsh and bassist Chris Wetzel – are in the middle of an Asian tour of six countries and Manila was their second stop.

“It’s cool to know that we have fans in that part of the world,” Wetzel said ahead of their show where local hardcore bands Veils, Armas Ready and Choke Cocoi opened for them. “We see a lot of people here and we’re just thrilled to be playing our music to a buzzing audience.”

When the American quintet took to the stage, Gale wore an Agnostic Front shirt. Ibanez wore a white Corrosion of Conformity top, while Whetzel proudly wore a Van Halen tour shirt. Behind them was their logo which is rooted in extreme metal but is at the same time readable; a subtle reference to his crossed influences. Corrosion of Conformity is a heavy metal band, while Agnostic Front is a New York hardcore band. Van Halen is a Californian hard rock band.

Riley makes no secret of how the hardcore American East Coast scene of the 1980s, where bands such as Bad Brains, Agnostic Front and Cro-Mags to name a few influenced him. “I’ve been weaned on this stuff,” he happily admitted.

The powerful performance saw the group release their songs – from crowd favorite “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Ax)” to “Soul Sacrifice” to their new song, “Hornet’s Nest” – with the excited crowd ringing in between. tirelessly. moshing.

“It’s always good when you have people tripping over your songs and not giving a damn,” Whetzel summed up. “And Manila was just great. We are happy to have played here and we certainly hope to be able to come back.

Following their Asian tour – which followed a grueling US tour that kicked off in November 2019 – Power Trip will begin work on their third full album.

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