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“I’ve been collecting comics since I was a teenager and some of them have bled,” Meggers said.

Once they came up with a name and practiced a lot, it was only a matter of time before the band played their first show. As for the beginnings, it did not bode well.

“I think our first show was in front of the chicken coop,” Meggers recalls.

He said the group only managed to land a few more shows after that, but there’s one in particular that Meggers, Wheeler and Adams still talk about with nothing but tenderness.

Derek Reynolds has said that during the heyday of punk rock in Mason City, he was posting flyers for shows on all possible surfaces.

Jared mcnett

Leaning through the ceiling

By the time Ming’s daughter was ready and able to perform, Derek Reynolds, a lead singer for Mason City punk band Sorry Excuse, was close enough to a pro to put on gigs at local venues such as the North Star. Lounge and the Elks Lodge.

“We played in the basement with a few other bands. It was an amazing experience,” Meggers said of the show Ming’s Daughter performed at Elks Lodge. “(It was) my first taste of playing music for a decent number of people who were there to hear the type of music we were playing. There was crowd surfing. I’m sure (someone) was thrown through the false ceiling. “

“So many people have come for this,” Adams said. According to her recollection, another friend who helped promote the case used a portion of the proceeds to purchase a Gibson SG guitar. The kind that AC / DC’s Angus Young could strut about on stage.

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