‘Won’t give proof…’: Punjabi band ‘The Landers’ after being trolled for not visiting Sidhu Moosewala village

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Chandigarh, June 10

Everyone has their own way of expressing grief and dealing with grief. Some may talk about it while others need time to absorb everything.

As the entire music industry, actors, fans and people, nationally and internationally, mourn the untimely death of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, some people have sunk to the bottom asking the co-artists of the late singer if they had paid their respects to his native village.

Recently, iconic youth group ‘The Landers’ have been bugged by similar questions and trolled for not attending Moosewala’s ‘antim ardas’.

Sukh Kharoud, a member of the trio, took to Instagram to post a statement against someone asking, “The Landers Musa pind nhi gye sir? (Did the Landers not visit the village of Musa?)”

He wrote: “Eh Chakkra ch Artist Banda fass janda kyuki Artist banda sab da sajnha hunda by halaat samjan di lorh aa iss vaar…(An artist is stuck in such situations because he belongs to everyone but this time, you have to understand the situation.)”

The message further read: “Jehra Geya hai oh je othe jaake photo pavey tan v gaalan pendiya v tuc afsos mnaun gye c ya photoa paun & je photoa nhi paundey tan lok kehndey ki tuc nhi gye? Kyu nhi gye, Thonu afsos nhi? (In case those who visit the last prayers post photos of the mourning ceremony, they are criticized for doing so while those who do not share photos are trolled with speculations of not visiting or having a feeling of loss.) “

The statement ended as follows: “Ess gal da sachi jwaab ni mere kol & assi gye ya nhi gye na mein dasna te naahi saboot dena chaunda (We have no answers to these questions and whether we visited the village of Musa or no, nor I wish to share and I will not give any evidence.)”

Sidhu Moosewala was shot by assailants in Mansa district on May 29.

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